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Carpentry Remodel and Repairs

Doors- We install and repair Pocket Doors French Doors Exterior Sliders Custom Entries Hollow Metal TI Types Curtain Doors All Lock Preps Bad Wood Replacement Vertical Rods Access Doors Dutch Doors Security Doors Interior Doors Pet Doors Installed.


Staircase and railing- We can help you with the Staircase and railing you always wanted. Let us create the kind of beauty that will not fail to attract the eye of residents and visitors alike. We repair stairs.

Historic Restoration and Fine Finish Carpentry and Millwork One of our specialties is historic preservation and restoration, We will come in and trim out your house with new casing & base, or install crown molding for you. We can do libraries and bookcases to kitchen wainscots and fine detail woodwork.

We can provide you with custom trim installations and built-in bookcase and entertainment center construction. We offer interior renovations, skylight installations, window repair and installations, new door installations, and more stairs, shop or shed, start to finish.

Skylight Installations

Window and Sill Installation. Caring for windows. Over time, the number of customers who have installed a new windows, only increases. Today the windows are the best solution for saving energy costs. Every family tries to keep the heat in their apartments and houses. But what about those who today can not afford at a time to buy new windows throughout the apartment or balcony glazing. One important reason – sustainability of such windows. They require virtually no maintenance. However, some aspects of their care is still necessary to observe what is really prolong their natural lifespan that may reach 50 years. To make your new window delighted you and your around a long time, and you remembered them only when you need to ventilate the room, and not every time when there is a subsequent failure, be sure and ask that you completed. If you decide to replace their old wooden windows with new plastic, you should know exactly what is to be a normal indoor humidity to avoid condensation on windows. After the installation of plastic windows high humidity in the room. low ambient temperature outside, leading to a decent condensation on double-glazed windows , as well as on the slopes.

New banister handrail newels

Door and Hardware. Door Hardware stands as the principal way of security for any household. From time to time, it is viewed by property owners and building contractors as a trivial factor and is often seen as a method to cut corners and save money for the general house construction financial resources. Some often disregard the aspect and it will get pushed away till the final moment.Getting excellent Door Hardware for the residence must not be ignored. In addition, picking components should never also be about attractiveness only. Protection of the property from unwanted entry is really a serious problem. This is actually the first line of safety for a household; therefore, it matters to take the time to obtain the most appropriate components for the residence. For guidance, search out the skills of a competent locksmith.Getting door hardware is vital to attain appeal and functionality simultaneously such as door knob, hinges and knobs, with optimum defense and complement the existing home decor. Also, finding Cabinet Hardware, Cabinet Knobs and kitchen knobs that harmonize with the entire look can maintain a well made household.Families with members that are moving in and out constantly and relying on keys in order to gain entry have an even better solution. Think about putting in electronic security as this does not require the usage of house keys. By means of this technique, authorized people will simply have to deal with a keypad deadbolt. The device needs establishing of codes that can be included, altered or deleted without a lot of work.

Crown Moulding

Wainscoting is, at it’s most basic, a method of panelling a room. There are many different styles of panelling rooms, most of which have their own name. In the case of wainscoting the idea is to panel the lower section of the wall – the area traditionally between the skirting board and the dado rail (roughly the lower 3 to 5ft of the wall). Usually this design is reserved for interior walls and uses a ‘tongue and groove’ style patterning – though that design is not the only design you can use for wainscoting. In fact that is what this site is all about – coming up with wainscoting installation, not simply doing the same old thing every-time.Deciding on what materials you want to furnish your wainscoting ideas in can be vital. Whilst traditionally ‘wood’ is the answer to the question “what material do you want your wainscotting in. Raised panel. Rather than using the traditional tongue and groove style wainscoting one popular idea is to create a raised panel style instead. In this the panel is usually framed by a more sunken frame, creating the raised panel look. Flat panel. This wainscoting idea is simple – flat panels are fitted along the bottom of the wall with only style slats separating them. The slats are usually raised and there to give definition and style to this type of wainscoting. Overlay. This takes the raised panel plan but adds its own twist to the wainscoting ideas. Instead of using raised panels between sunken separators this glues on styled wood, literally overlaying a flat surface. This allows for far more ornate designs and styles than other wainscoting ideas. Combinations. Combining 2 different wainscoting ideas together can help create something special on your walls. Mixing together, for example, tongue and groove wainscoting on the lower section with raised panel wainscoting on the top section can help create some amazing looking walls. Metal. Like wood not a great answer, as various metals have various ‘looks’. But various metals have become very popular amongst those that like to fit wainscoting. Ceramics. A bit more ‘old school’ this, but ceramics are being used more and more widely in wainscotting. With their ability to trap heat ceramics are also being used not only for their stylish look but their ability to help reduce heating costs as well. Oak. Whilst saying ‘wood’ means very little saying ‘oak’ gives a feeling of warmth, of old school luxury and of an olde worlde style. Oak is often a great choice for wainscoting. Beech. A far lighter wood than the deeper oak. The beech wood is a lighter, more modern looking wood that has become very popular who want a more ‘lightweight’ feel to their rooms.

Subfloor Replacement


Door-and-Jam Repair/Replace

Window Replace and Trim Repair. Replacement Windows and a free Quote click here Click Here. Do your research Before you buy your Energy Efficient Windows. How to Buy Energy Efficient Residential Windows Window Replacement Tips Energy Efficient Window scold Climate Window Tip swarm Climate Window Tips Buying New Windows Tip show to Buy Energy Efficient Residential Windows For a Free Insider's Guide to Replacement Windows and a free Quote click here Click Here. Have old, tired, windows? House Need a Facelift? Considering Replacement Windows? Know the Facts and Choose wisely. Windows can be one of your home's most attractive features. Windows provide views, day lighting, ventilation, and solar heating in the winter. Unfortunately, they can also account for 10% to 25% of your heating bill. During the summer, sunny windows make your air conditioner work two to three times harder. Consider Replacement Windows and Doors alternatives for higher energy savings. There are many types of windows available on the market, including all-vinyl, natural wood, hybrid variants, and aluminum and wood clad. There are also many different types of interior and exterior doors, including fibreglass, flush, steel, natural wood, and raised moulding. Furthermore, there are different styles or placements available, such as slider, awning, casement, fixed, and hung windows. There are also swinging and sliding patio doors, as well as entry, garden, and Dutch doors. company that specializes in residential and commercial doors and windows. For instance, we provide door and window installations, repairs, upgrades, maintenance, inspections, and replacements. We also work with a wide array of suppliers, so that we have a diverse variety of materials for clients to choose from. In addition, we provide a free, no obligation consultation with our clients, so that they can openly discuss their unique needs and concerns without risk.

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