If you are interested in some easy to install beautiful fireplace and pergola kits, Here they are.

Pacific Living is proud to introduce a brand new concept in home pergolas, ready today, made in the U.S. of A. and making it easier than ever for you to have the backyard of your dreams!

A Pergola kit from Pacific Living, Inc. can come in many sizes and shapes. Style of a pergola kit, attached to the home or not, should be complimentary and true to the style of the home. Our pergola kits are designed to compliment a variety of styles and tastes. Click here to learn more

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I am your stone mason Mine is one of the oldest professions and the most powerful. I created pyramids and towns, cathedrals and aqueducts. Without us, there was nothing truly durable. I am part of the earth. I am your stone mason. I am the strongest of the tradesmen. Quarrying stone is backbreaking work. Many of us died creating the monuments that last forever. Those of us who survived, acquired the strength of stone in our dna. Many perils. A mistake means crushed limbs, broken bones. Inhaling rock dust contaminates our lungs. But our pride knows no bounds. I am your stone mason. The earth gives us our building materials, created through intense pressure, heat, and eons of time. I build for eternity. The pyramids I and my fellow masons created last to this day. Sometimes I polish stone and you get a wonder like the Taj Mahal. other times, I leave the stones as they are. I look from the heavens and point to our accomplishments. I and my fellow masons form societies and think our own thoughts. I know the secrets of engineering that no one else knows. I long to know other secrets. I have endured extreme weariness and come through with muscles of stone. I offer much to your home. I am your stone mason. I can build an arch as an entryway to your property. Our stone walls demark your property lines and serves as protection from prying eyes. Sometimes your entire home is built of stone, sometimes only a fireplace. I offer you beauty and durability. I thank the earth for giving such a variety of colors and textures to work with. Forgive my pride but that is part of who I am, your stone mason


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You can only judge the quality after the work has been completed. So please go see some jobs in progress before leaving

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