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~Budget Kitchen Design~

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The products and materials you choose will have the greatest impact on your new kitchen's price tag. Cabinets typically account for half the cost. Installation and labor costs (which vary most by geography) take up the next biggest chunk—about 16 percent—followed by the costs of other major design elements.

~The Benefits of Remodeling your Kitchen~

Experts agree that remodeling your kitchen has more positive impact than any other remodeling project you can undertake. We already know from a resale perspective you can expect a better return on your remodeling investment dollar for dollar than any other remodeling project. But what about day-to-day living is there a retirement on investment there? Most homeowners that have remodeled their kitchen report feeling significantly better about their homes and day-to-day life experience. Not sure how you want your kitchen to look, but you know you want it to be great? An easy way to start is by picking up several kitchen remodeling magazines and leafing through each one. Make a folder of your favorite kitchens, but also make a specific note about what you like about each one of them, is it the way that light comes in all sides of the kitchen? or maybe it is the texture of the kitchen cabinets, you can’t be too specific when it comes to what you like and don’t like.
Draw on the exercises above to help you describe in detail your dream kitchen. This small but important planning step will reap huge benefits because you are envisioning the end result you want in specific detail before you have even formally designed your kitchen. This step alone can save you dozens of hours getting on the same page with your spouse, family or kitchen contractor. “We sleep in our bedrooms, we read or watch TV in the family room, but the kitchen is where it all happens, it is the canvas where life unfolds in our home, so make it an inviting place where everybody wants to be.” Get excited and get started by filling out the short form above to receive multiple estimates from local kitchen remodeling experts. Much like a corporate or personal mission statement, consider developing a kitchen mission statement. This is a succinct, personal declaration of what your kitchen will mean to you and your family. It will describe how the kitchen will look and feel as well as how the functionality and design will serve; the person preparing the meals, family, friends, kids, pets and others.

To help focus your selection process, ask yourself the following questions.

1. What’s the main reason I’m planning to invest in a new kitchen? Does my new kitchen represent an investment in the home I plan to stay in for a while or am I just looking to spruce it up for resale?

2. How much do I want to spend on my new kitchen?

3. If I’m building a new home, how much can I spend on the kitchen? Is the price included in the total cost of the project? How much flexibility do I have with the kitchen’s design and layout?

4. How much do my favorite products and materials cost for my ideal kitchen?

5. Does the cost of my ideal kitchen exceed my practical budget? What less expensive materials could I substitute for pricier options if I need to lower my costs?

6. What time frame would I like to have my kitchen completed in? Do I have time to wait for pricier custom treatments or am I in a hurry?

7. Have I set aside some cash as a cushion for unexpected costs?

8. How much do I want to budget for the cabinets, which typically account for half the budget for a new kitchen?

9. Do I plan to supply any of the materials or do any of the installation work myself?

10. Do I plan to work with a designer?

~Total Kitchen Tear Out and Remodel~

Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders.

Room additions can add square footage and value to your existing home, without the additional expenses incurred in the purchase of a new home. This is especially attractive to growing families. Other popular room additions include increasing floor space by adding a second story room to your existing home, sometimes called a "pop-top." This can increase the value, functionality, and comfort of your home, without robbing you of lawn or garden footage.








Kitchens are busy and messy places. It is important to think about functionality when choosing countertops. How easy it is to clean a surface and certain types of patterns that hide messes are something that should be considered. We are a leading manufacturer and installer of granite countertops, and we also craft many other types of natural stone and quartz surfaces: the choice is always yours; and we will do everything possible to help your dream kitchen become a reality. When you choose us to install your countertops, we will be happy to refer you to contractors we know and trust for: plumbing, electrical work, framing, cabinetry, flooring and more. We truly are a one-stop resource for your kitchen remodeling project.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the kind of material you choose for you countertops. Granite countertops are an especially popular choice for many, due to their resiliency and aesthetically pleasing look.

Natural stone countertops include:

Most people who decide to remodel their kitchen do so because they want to improve the efficiency and space of the kitchen. Various design elements can be selected to revamp your kitchen and create a harmonious and gorgeous architectural feel.

You don’t need to have a big budget to remodel your kitchen. Research tips on budget kitchen renovation to help you decide how you can start implementing your ideas. Research new remodeling ideas and savvy tips that can help improve the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

It’s a New Economy out there: folks everywhere are tightening their belts and living by that old adage: “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.” But if your kitchen is already worn out and needs help, are there still changes you can make that are affordable? The answer is a resounding YES!

For many homeowners the concept of gutting their whole kitchen and creating an entirely new room has been put on the back burner till the economy starts to upswing again. But there are remodeling steps you can take right now that will make a huge difference in this all-important room without having to resort to breaking your piggy bank. Here are 5 hot and affordable kitchen remodeling trends.

Cabinet Refacing: If your cabinets are still structurally sound, you simply don’t have to live with those faded, beat-up doors anymore. You can sand them down and paint them yourself or have a professional do it if you prefer. The hottest color for cabinets right now is distressed black, or you can opt for something more neutral. For extra panache, replace the hardware too.
Pendant Lighting: Even if you still have an old-fashioned big box light over your main work area, you can make the kitchen homier (or more elegant if you prefer) by adding pendant lights over your breakfast bar. Today’s designs come in all shapes, sizes and materials and there’s one to fit every budget.
Tile Backsplashes: This is a great job for any avid do-it-yourselfer. Three to five rows of tile (either in a straight solid pattern or mosaic) just above your counter line will instantly change the look of your room for not too many pesos. Travertine is a hot material right now, as is tumbled stone.
It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts: You probably have more storage room than you think! Just a few simple changes such as sliding drawer inserts and cabinet interior organizers can make more of what you already have. No major carpentry required!
New Countertops: There’s no question that the countertop is the focal point for any kitchen; if yours is kaput, maybe this is the one area where you want to spend your remodeling dollars this year. Quartz has a wide variety of different natural materials to choose from: one to fit just about any budget. And if you have your heart set on granite, we offer some of the best prices in town.
It’s a good idea to come up with a realistic budget range that will allow for flexibility in the design process. Also understand there are ways to save money that are not always immediately obvious. For example many homeowners have kitchen cabinets that are still structurally sound, but simply look really dated. If that is the case you may choose to simply resurface your kitchen cabinets which can save up to 70% on the cost of new cabinets. Another way to save money is in your backsplash. Just because your new kitchen countertops are granite, doesn’t mean you necessarily have to have a granite backsplash, when switching to a nice tile backsplash can add a unique design element as well as save you money. Local Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Near Me. Local Kitchen Remodel Contractors You Can Trust. Local Kitchen remodeling doesn't have to be Expensive. Install Replace New Kitchens Cabinets Countertops Re-Tile Local Kitchen Floor Repair Local Kitchen Backsplash Contractors. I Need Find Best Local Kitchen Remodeling Contractors Kitchen Remodel Contractors Local FREE Quote Call NOW  Kitchen Design Remodeling Cost Install Update Replacing Local Old Kitchen Cabinets, Replace Countertops, Repair Kitchen Cabinets Local Kitchen Floors, Replace Sinks Appliances and Local Kitchen Backsplash Installation. Local Kitchen Renovation Replace New Custom Local Kitchens Cabinets Doors Repair Appliances/Fixtures Lighting Re-Tile Local Kitchen Floor Repair Install Local Kitchen Backsplash Company. The list of available appliances is quite extensive and your specific needs will ultimately determine what is and isn't necessary. Kitchen Lighting Lighting: Lighting is not usually given the attention it deserves in a kitchen remodel. Most homeowners will simply include a few large lights and let it go at that. Instead, more progressive kitchen remodeling designs will consider adding such things as skylights or bay windows as well as track and under-counter lighting. In the main, the goal should be to create specific well-lighted areas for maximum usability and safety and not one wholly lit area. Kitchen Fixtures Fixtures: This seemingly small decision can have a major impact on the aesthetics of your kitchen, While the cabinetry itself will mostly determine whether your kitchen will have a contemporary Scandinavian, traditional French Country or other look, the choice of fixtures – that is, cabinet pulls, sink hardware and the like – can add a decided flavor to the mix. It is a great way to individualize your kitchen and to add an element of your own personality to the design mix. Kitchen Cabinets Cabinets: The world of cabinetry is a complex one. There are many sophisticated but off-the-shelf varieties as well as a host of customized ones – all tailored to very specific uses. In reality, a homeowner can spend an inordinate amount of time and money getting exactly what they want and still not be satisfied with their choices. Carefully consider exactly what you want your cabinets to do in terms of both functionality and storage before making the final decision. Free Written Estimates For Stand Alone Kitchen Cabinet Project, Licensed Contractors, No Obligation. Kitchen Flooring Flooring: Another, often under-considered factor in a kitchen remodel is the flooring. The floor, however, is really the base that sets the tone for the rest of the room. Natural stone and porcelain tile floors have been popular in the past as they are quite beautiful, highly durable and water resistant. Modern tastes, however, run towards wood flooring. When properly sealed, they are highly durable but they still do require a lot more maintenance than stone to keep them looking good over the years. Kitchen Floorplan Floorplan: Most homeowners – especially those that like to cook – like the idea of a triangulated kitchen – one with the sink, the cooktop and the main countertop within easy reach of each other – but it is not always feasible to implement this idea. Depending on your specific space, it is wise to also consider other configurations including a Energy Efficiency. Remodeling your kitchen can allow you to make your home more energy efficient. You can choose from many different types and styles of energy efficient appliances. This will help you save money on your energy bills, as well as make your kitchen more visually appealing. Bigger Kitchen. If you want to alter your kitchen design, you can make your kitchen bigger. There are many options available that will help you achieve this goal. This includes removing walls near the kitchen to expand the available space and adding on to the outside portion of the house to create extra space for your new kitchen. Lighter Space. One of the many great kitchen remodeling ideas is to lighten up your kitchen. This can change the overall appearance of your home. You can choose lighter colors for your appliances, as well as walls, countertops, and flooring to create this new look. Increases Value. One of the most important benefits of remodeling your kitchen is that it can increase the value of your home. This will be apparent when it is time to sell itU-shaped kitchen or one with two parallel counters. Kitchen Countertops Countertops: Will the room hold a kitchen island or must every appliance and work space be consigned to a single wall? Countertop space is always at a premium in a modern kitchen as the room will generally do double duty as a family meeting space as well as the place where the meals are prepared. In addition, the material used for the countertop – plain Formica, natural or faux stone – should also be decided upon. Kitchen Remodeling Deal Inking The Deal: Once the design is finalized, it can be presented to the general contractors on your “short list” for bidding. Then, when these numbers are collected, you can make a final decision and sign the contract on the dotted line. Though you should be giving identical plans to each contractor, it is important to read the fine print. For instance, how long will the job take, what are the consequences of falling behind schedule and what are the payment terms? Not all contractors are alike and, as mentioned above, care should be taken when making the final choice. Kitchen Remodel Changes Change Orders: As mentioned, the design process will take a significant amount of time and energy but the actual work should progress relatively smoothly unless... you decide to make a change. While not a problem – if you have an unlimited budget! –- change orders are the bane of a kitchen remodeling project for both the homeowner and the GC. Not only do they throw off the scheduling, they can be enormously expensive. In short, it really pays to make all your decisions up front when they are merely on paper and not while you have handsomely paid workmen standing around while you make a change in the plans. Kitchen Remodel Final Walk Through Final Walkthrough: Finally, the end is in sight and you only have one more payment to make before your “dream” kitchen is finished. Now is not the time to falter in your efforts. Instead, the final walkthrough it your last chance to get everything right. The best contractors will do everything in their power to get the slightest details right but they also have to make a living and will be moving on to other projects. Before making that final payment, it is essential to walk through the project with the GC and create a punch list of things that need to be corrected. Once the punch list is completed – and only then – should you make the final payment. Ideally you want to work with a contractor who has experience in your local area. You dont want to under remodel or over do it. Keeping it in comparison with other homes in your neighborhood is beneficial. t How long have you been remodeling kitchen? Do you have a kitchen remodel contracting license? Do you work with subcontractors who specialize in kitchen remodleing? Do you belong to any professional associations? PERMITS When remodeling a kitchen and making significant changes, you may need local permits. This includes all proper building inspections during the process and after the project is completed. Additionally, each specialty trade, such as electrical or plumbing, has its own permit. Can the costs of all permits be added into your bid? Do you have experience in my local municipality pulling kitchen remodel permits? CONTRACTS Kitchen Remodel Contracts are important. If you are ready to experience a change, but do not want to actually change homes, you should consider remodeling. There is no better room to start with than the kitchen. After all, it is probably the main room where your family comes together most often. Making a few kitchen renovations can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your kitchen design. There are many kitchen remodeling ideas to choose from in order to create the dream kitchen you have always wanted. Here are some benefits of remodeling your kitchen. How Much Will A Kitchen Remodel Cost?
If you are looking to remodel your kitchen to make it more modern and spacious or just more functional for your family, you can create the look you want with any budget. A kitchen remodel can range from adding a window and new cabinets to adding more space and new flooring with replacing all the gadgets. You can create a traditional theme or just make it a gourmet kitchen to suit your lifestyle. When you plan on a kitchen remodel, there are a thousand questions popping in your mind and the paramount is the question “How much will a kitchen remodel cost?”

The answer to your question is based on numerous factors but the basic fact remains that remodeling a kitchen can have a high rate of return on your basic investment, if you sell your home.

Factors that determine remodeling costs
There are quite a few points that come into play when determining the kitchen remodeling costs. You need to ask yourself whether you want to go in for a small kitchen remodel or change the complete look. To help you get the kitchen of your dreams, here are some of the essential factors that need to be considered and affect the cost of the renovation:

Size and Space
Ask yourself if you need to change the size of the kitchen or work as per the current space? If you do need to extend the kitchen, will you take in more space from another room or use the space outside?

This will help you realize whether your budget allows you to get a new foundation build, add load bearing walls, decide on the new size of the kitchen and the details about related construction.

Most remodeling jobs require small to extensive plumbing needs. The cost of your kitchen remodel cost will also include the amount of plumbing requirements you might have. If you need to move or add a new sink or gas line, the cost would be higher.

Electrical work
Estimate the electrical work that will be needed. Do you plan to completely add new electrical gadgets? Will you add new electrical lines or move the existing one? Do you need new circuits and additional lighting? Consider these facts. It would influence the budget for kitchen remodeling.

Cabinets and Woodwork
You need to decide whether you need to just add a few more kitchen cabinets or go in for a complete makeover. If you want to get new cabinets, do you need the ready to install cabinets or go in for bespoke wood cabinets?

Changes and Modifications
Will you need to create new windows, doors or go with the existing ones? DO you need to replace the gadgets or add new ones? Decide about countertops- do you need the standard or go in for the more expensive materials? Will you need to add tiles or replace the tile work?

Consider all of the above mentioned points before you allocate a budget for kitchen remodeling. Kitchen remodeling can vary from DIY remodeling of $5000 to over $175,000 and more depending upon your individual preference and budget. If you take a standard kitchen remodeling, it can be anywhere from $15,000- $25,000 which includes the installation and designing.

These are just some of the facts that you need to consider before choosing to estimate your kitchen remodel costs. Other factors that will influence your budget are:

Quality of material and workmanship
In most cases, cabinets are the most expensive aspects of kitchen remodeling. However, the cost of the kitchen remodeling also depends upon the quality and type of material that is used. This holds true for the counter tops, cabinets, flooring materials that can vary in prices.

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