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DP and Associates is a Locally owned Home Renovations and Custom Building, Outdoor Living Spaces firm serving both home and business/property owners.

"Q. How do you offer so many Services?
A. We are a Company of Contractors-Tradesmen & Designers,"

Builders. In addition, we constantly update our knowledge of design and construction elements by attending trade and professional conferences around the country, allowing us to implement the most recent advances in construction. Over 90% of our new business comes from referrals. Choosing the wrong contractor--will cost you time, money and peace of mind. Choosing an experienced and trusted home improvement firm will yield great satisfaction, and in the end will save you time and money. Save with Safety -- We have the capability to meet all residential, commercial and multi-family needs compliant with all OSHA regulations and rules. We invite you to browse our online gallery of Home Services. So If you're planning to fix, change, upgrade, or landscape this year, it could be worth it to start now.

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Remember upper scale Home Builders Trust DP and ASSOCIATES

Thank you for visiting DP and Associates. Here you can learn more about us in the comfort of your home/office. It should give you enough insight on why we are one of the busiest companies in the area. We are a Full Site Development company. Whether its a Master plan with a In ground swimming pool and a pool house, outdoor kitchen, and sunroom. or a tropical / Asian landscape design with a bridge crossing over a pond stream or waterfall. Maybe a new lighted driveway leading to a new garage. simply a deck leading to a new addition with hardwood floors installed including a indoor brick-stone fireplace. To a masonry or wooden retaining wall, with landscape lighting up the steps. Remember upper scale Home Builders Trust DP and ASSOCIATES and so can you. DP and Associates and Associates is one of the few companies in this business run as a team of expert Contractors and Master Tradesman. Our contractors have their own license and insurance and responsible for their area of expertise. Their combined experiences would total over 150 years. We are a company that emphasizes a team solutions approach. We pair this with an infrastructure to support our clients, no matter who they are. DP and Associates boasts a unique, close-knit team of experts in all facets of construction development.

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We are Contractors Designers and master Tradesman

When constructing a sizeable home remodeling project or outdoor living area, choose a professional with experience in all aspects of design and installation. Large jobs require greater expertise because there are more construction trades and technologies involved, and the person in charge must know how to blend individual elements into an integrated and artistic whole. Such elements may include in-ground pools, patios, garages, driveways, sunrooms, jacuzzis, ponds and bridges, bathrooms, wet bars, kitchens, and exterior/interior lighting and whole new additions. Our master plans have included all mentioned and more. If you are only doing a portion of the project now, be sure to take into consideration what you may add later so that everything works when the project is completed. We are Contractors Designers and master Tradesman working collectively for over 18+ years. In that time we have learned how to translate customers' wishes into cohesive, workable designs, and our detailed knowledge of various trades enables us to create installations that combine vision and durability. In addition, we constantly update our knowledge of design and construction elements by attending trade and professional conferences around the country, allowing us to implement the most recent advances in construction. When our builders and landscape designers collaborate on design, the result can be both attractive and cost-effective." - DP and Associates

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About Our Clientele

DP and Associates and Associates doesn't just have a few key clients; we have one of the largest and most prominent client lists in our area. We have years of practical experience working for discriminating individuals, installing Master Plan's in many of the area's most luxurious homes. In an industry too often plagued by companies looking to outbid and undercut prices, rather than focus on providing outstanding result's, we are known for the quality of our work, our dedication in putting in those long hours when needed, and for volunteering our knowledge to help others. In turn, we have been rewarded with a long list of clients who praise our superiority of work and our end result's..

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Like any custom job, the cost of them can vary enormously. We have put together Decks for less than $5,000 and we have charged thousands for Master Plans it all depends on what you need. If you have a fixed budget or want to work to a particular job-design, we need to agree in our first sales meeting what the the budget will be. and how the materials will be provided. we don't want to waste time talking about a $50,000 job when you want to spend $10,000. This gives us no advantage except the ability to work with in the proposed budget. The most difficult aspect of working to a job-budget is the need to stick to what was agreed. If you have a brilliant idea after the job has been agreed and the job has started, you may have to accept that you can't just implement your new idea unless we can review your budget. Sometimes, especially on larger projects, we will make changes or add features within the original budget, but generally a fixed price means a fixed design. This is where our experience really counts - we see it as our job to make sure that we cover every possible good idea in advance, at the planning stage. Once the schedule and budget is agreed, it should not need to change.- DP and Associates
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Qualified and monitored
The growth and success of DP and Associates can only be as good as our service to our customers. We are a highly-trained group of professional designers-craftsman extremely specialized in designing and producing the very best quality possible, to achieve our customer's needs. In addition, we offer our customers the advantages of approved, qualified and monitored craftsmen; Further, through our pool of craftsmen, we offer one-stop shopping for a variety of home owner's needs. All of these benefits make DP and Associates the perfect choice for homeowners.

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