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Components of a outdoor kitchen

When it comes to building an outdoor kitchen you’ll literally have an endless amount of designs and plans available to choose from. Furthermore, you’ll also want to plan which appliances you want, and where they are going to fit into the kitchen. Outdoor Kitchens designs, creates and installs custom outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens and BBQ centers, which reflect the personal taste and lifestyle of today’s homeowner. Every design is carefully considered and unique. We handle everything from start to finish, from consultation, planning, design review, construction and installation. At a very basic level, outdoor kitchens can be comprised of just an outdoor grill. However, to really enjoy entertaining friends and family you should use outdoor kitchen ideas that incorporate factors such as dry and cold storage, functional layout, a food preparation area and of course room for any appliances you need. In addition, a comfortable and relaxing place for dining is important..

Options for Built in Grills :

Smoker Chip Box
The Smoker Box is constructed of Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel. This option is great for giving your meals a wonderful taste.
Griddle system
Manufactured of Heavy-Duty stainless steel, this griddle is wonderful for frying up some eggs, bacon or sausage.
Double Side Burner
Commercial quality double side burner featuring 30,000 BTU's of Cooking Power. A must have for your Outdoor Kitchen!
Single Side Burner
Commercial grade 15,000 BTU cast brass side burner system.
3 Drawer System
Heavy-Duty 304 Grade Stainless steel Triple Drawer System. Perfect for all your storage needs!
2 Drawer System
Heavy-Duty 304 Grade Stainless steel Double Drawer System. Great for storing your BBQ utensils!
Trash Bin
The Built in Trash Bin holder features 100% 304 Grade Construction.
Paper Towel Holder
The Built in Paper Towel Holder keeps the paper towel close by and protects it from getting wet.
Stainless Steel Access Door
Stainless steel access door for your outdoor unit. Available in both horizontal and vertical applications.
Built In Umbrella Sleeve
Stainless steel built in sleeve for installing an umbrella into your outdoor kitchen.
Stainless Steel Built In Door/Drawer Combo
Exterior doors open to reveal slide out drawers. Unit is fully enclosed and provides a significant amount of storage space.
Wine Coolers
Outdoor Wine Coolers to spice up your outdoor kitchen.
Outdoor Refrigerators
Outdoor Refrigerators that will keep all your foods and beverages ice cold.
Beer Dispenser
Outdoor beer dispensers.
Stainless steel sink
This stainless steel sink and European style water faucet adds convenience and functionality to your outdoor kitchen, so clean-up can be done grillside.

New outdoor kitchen area

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The aesthetics of outdoor kitchens are often what make the area a real focal point. There are plenty of materials that can be used throughout your outdoor kitchen, from outdoor kitchen floor plans to the worktops. Something that you should certainly consider is the position of your outdoor kitchen though. This will depend on how much direct sunlight you prefer and at what times of the day. Similarly, consider the amount of rainfall you get throughout the year. In both cases, pergolas and gazebos can make for excellent additions for an ultimate outdoor kitchen.

With custom outdoor kitchens you can achieve almost any design idea you desire. This of course includes the style and materials used, but the latter is something you need to consider very carefully. Certain woods for example may not withstand changing weather conditions, so it’s important you select materials that are durable in such conditions, such as slate, flagstone, cedar and teak. Associated with the outdoor kitchen design are also items that aren’t very appealing to the eye. Things like gas canisters and rubbish bins aren’t something you want to be on view, so all items need to be considered before you go ahead with any particular outdoor kitchen plans. You might also need to think about how your outdoor kitchen will look from within the house, and whether it blocks any sunlight.

Unless you’re planning integrating a washing up area in your outdoor kitchen, consider the location in comparison to your indoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are great for entertaining but it’s a bit of pain having to carry dishes and cutlery back inside afterwards to wash up. The orientation of your outside kitchen is another important thing that you should consider. This should be based on a focal point such as a fireplace, swimming pool, or a great view. However, if you don't have any of these features at home, you can make your own focal point through efficient use of your space and proper design planning. Creating a good lounging space is also an important thing to do for your ourdoor kitchen. You can do this by incorporating different seating areas wherever you can. This will be a huge plus for your outdoor kitchen design. You should also see to it that your outside kitchen provides easy access to your indoor kitchen because most of the items that you're going to use for cooking outside the house will be coming from inside your house.

Two of the most important features that every outside kitchen in should possess are a grill and a cook top. You can choose from a wide variety that range from gas and charcoal grills to wood burning ovens. You can make the design complete by adding in a sink and a refrigerator. Building plans for outdoor kitchens should also adhere to any fire safety and building regulations. You don’t want to build an outdoor fireplace only to discover it’s dangerous or against regulations, and are forced to change it. Save yourself the hassle by doing your research first. Accessorizing is great for the finishing touches of any outdoor kitchen designs. This can be through buying useful appliances or with the fabrics used throughout the design. Eating utensils, glassware and accessories like solar bird baths, fountains and wind chimes can also contribute to the ambiance.

Finally, an outdoor kitchen construction isn’t complete without proper lighting. The position and style of lights not only helps with safety but also contributes to the nightlife you can enjoy with family and friends. The outdoor kitchen  belongs to the list of the hottest new trends in  kitchen designs today. Whether this claim has been based on the rising gas prices, economy, or the age demographic of most homeowners is not quite clear. However, what's clear is that the  outdoor kitchen is a really hot trend nowadays and is considered as a good thing to invest money on. outdoor kitchen designs that are used nowadays are a lot more sophisticated than simple charcoal grills and patio furniture sets. They often combine a bar and a dining room together through the look and feel that they give out.

You need to remember that, not just because the kitchen is situated outside the house, you can already forget about traditional design principles. You still need to apply the same design principles and function is one of the most important things that you need to consider. One of the best designs when it comes to functionality is the kitchen work triangle. A kitchen work triangle has its sink on one tip of the triangle. The center of the cook top or range is located on another tip of the triangle. The refrigerator is also on the other tip. This might be quite impossible or impractical to achieve this in an outdoor setting depending on your focal point, orientation, and the structures that you already have in your space but whatever the type of layout that you choose to go with there are always good ways to make it functional.

If you choose to go for an L-shape, long straight line, or a U-shape, you should consider placing workstations in progression ofr your outdoor kitchen in. For instance, you can first place the sink, then your preparation area, then your cooking area adjacent to that. Make sure that you create enough countertop space for preparing and serving.

This is the ideal piece for outdoor entertaining assuring that all the food you put on the table is warm and fresh. From classic built-in outdoor grills to dream island units jam-packed with amenities such as wine coolers, pizza ovens and lobster boilers, the sky is the limit with today's outdoor kitchen designs. Many owners of upscale homes are including an outdoor kitchen in their backyard renovation plans. In the process, homeowners are creating an outdoor great room with areas for relaxation, entertainment, recreation, cooking and dining. Outdoor kitchen designs add functionality and value to your outdoor living space. Much more than just a cooking grill, outdoor kitchen designs can offer most of the conveniences and appliances that are found in an indoor kitchen. Add value Our landscape design and landscape installer team can create unique outdoor kitchen designs that add value and functionality to your outdoor living space. Our outdoor kitchen designs can include landscape design, deck design, landscape lighting, sprinkler systems, retaining walls, decorative concrete and stamped concrete. Our outdoor kitchen designs can also incorporate waterfall designs, fountains, arbors Landscaping Your Outdoor World- You've got a patio, deck, inground spa, interlocking pavers and an arbor. What's missing? You can't live outdoors without plant life, whether it's poolside plantings, a patio garden, containers on your deck or a Pennisetum setaceum on your front porch. Learn how landscaping works into the whole outdoors scheme, and vice versa.Cost To Build Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces Builders We do it all Low Cost) Contractors Outdoor Fireplaces Kitchens Cost. I Need To Build Outdoor - Fireplaces - Kitchens - Cost This is the ideal piece for outdoor entertaining assuring that all the food you put on the table is warm and fresh.

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