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Concrete Contractors Cement Patios and driveways slabs poured concrete patio contractors Concrete Contractors, Concrete Services, Your complete concrete specialty company. When you have construction that calls for the services of a contractor, consider Designer Properties. We specialize in all aspects of concrete construction from commercial, slip-forming, gang forming, tilt-up construction, poured walls, footings, foundations, site concrete, residential poured wall basements, decorative concrete, driveways stamping or acid staining.

Concrete contractor

Are you in need of a honest, dependable concrete contractor? Are you looking to have an new patio, driveway or sport concrete? Designer Properties is your source for the best in concrete work, including sidewalks and driveways. We specialize in concrete stamping for residential, commercial, and decorative purposes. From retaining walls to parking lots, We can handle all of you concrete needs.

Driveways and Sidewalks

Designer Properties is ready to get "in and out" quick with your new or replacement driveway and sidewalk.

We use plenty of fiber and strategic placement of control joints to minimize cracking. We will also do everything with minimum disruption to your existing grass and yard work! Complete removal of old worn-out concrete or asphalt Protection of your existing grass and yard work Our equipment and competent, highly trained crews ensure top quality results on any project.

We use the highest-quality concrete mix giving a long lasting job while adding value to your home

The benefits of concrete: Fast installation Cost effective Sealing creates more durable concrete surface Weed free compared to paver stones Permanent color and texture Low Maintenance Long Lasting.

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Have you decided to add a deck to your house? Decks can dramatically increase space and provide an enjoyable outdoor area for cookouts, relaxation, etc. There are many different things involved in building a deck, if you have decided to do it yourself instead of hiring a building company, prepare yourself for some hard, but extremely gratifying work.

First of all you need to decide on the size of your deck, which will vary depending on things such as what you plan to use your deck for, the amount of space you have available, and how much money you want to spend. Deciding on the right size for your deck is crucial, generally speaking, it would be better to have extra space than not enough, so you should aim big. An ideal form of building a deck is using concrete.

Despite the fact that concrete decks are a significantly more expensive investment than wooden decks, they must be seen as exactly that Ė an investment! A concrete deck will last much longer than a wooden deck, and does not require yearly maintenance. In general, a concrete deck is a much stronger and lasting structure. Before construction of your deck begins, be sure to have a detailed layout of what you want it to look like.

Careful planning will help ensure your deck turns out as beautiful as you want it. Decide ahead of time if you intend to have trees and plants on your deck, and plan for these, small areas of dirt can be left within the structure, or for smaller plants you may wish to simply build planters on top of the deck.

Stamped concrete is often used to help make the floor surface look nicer, stamped concrete resembles stone floors and also helps avoid cracking that is common in conventional concrete floors. A variety of different authentic looks can be attained using stamped concrete.

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Decorative Concrete
Our staff offers concrete services for your property. We install sidewalks, steps, driveways, porches, and patios. You can choose from our broom concrete finish or an exposed aggregate option, which has an exposed pebble look that is prefect for a driveway. Our staff always works efficiently to your wants and needs.

Stamp Concrete
We install stamp patios, driveways, porches, and also sidewalks from beginning to end, using various colored concrete and stamp patterns. Our services are available at competitive rates and always guaranteed to leave you satisfied. We handle all projects in a fast, professional and efficient manner.

Retaining Walls
Our staff constructs small and medium retaining walls for your home. We offer different stone patterns to suit your styles. These walls can help hide a hill and add a great decorative finish to your yard.

Experience You Can Trust
We started this business to offer dependable concrete services to the community. We feature a staff of skilled concrete workers and concrete finishers with more than 20 years of construction experience. For your peace of mind, we are fully licensed and insured. can offer all kinds of concrete construction and repairs. The concrete contractor is usually capable of undertaking outdoor projects like building patios, driveways or pool decks. The extent of concrete work depends on the specifications given by the clients who should understand the different concrete jobs available to them. Not all repairs need total dismantling of the concrete. Oftentimes, what the repairs on concrete structures really need is just the staining, resurfacing, or concrete stamping on top of the old structures.

Your driveway is your welcome mat, the pathway to your home. It may be a broad expanse or curved and
winding, disappearing among the shrubbery or a straight shot to a waiting garage. Whatever the profile, your
driveway presents landscaping opportunities to enhance your home and its character. While you must
consider the drainage you will need, the stability of your soil, and the freeze and thaw cycles in your region,
there are many materials and techniques available to help you create a driveway that goes a step beyond
asphalt to accent. Bricks may be among the simplest of all paving and patio materials to work with. They
come in standard sizes and regular forms, they are manufactured in a variety of colors, and they present a
non-slip surface for cars and people. Bricks, like flagstone, cobblestone, or pavers, should be laid in a stable
bed of stone topped with bedding sand. Creative homeowners can devise geometric patterns that repeat
along the length of the driveway. For older and historic homes, try copying a pattern from photos of historic
places. For local interest, look to area foundries for the bricks they produce. Some demolition companies
also sell old bricks that are perfect for quaint older structures. There are distinct advantages to using brick,
as they can be replaced when damaged. For a more permanent set, the bricks can be laid in a concrete
/sand bed and allowed to set up from below as well as between the bricks.

Concrete driveway  Concrete is far more versatile and aesthetic than people give it credit for. It can be colored, shaped, given
surface contours and textures, or even embedded with stone or aggregates to give it a composite look.
Quikcrete sells shape grids that allow you to create a decorative pattern on your walk or drive as simply as
pouring concrete. They also feature color mix that you can add directly to the concrete. Some homeowners
may opt to create preformed concrete pavers using molds. These can be lined with a layer of crushed stone,
shell, or aggregate prior to the pour. Once the mold is removed, your pavers will have a pebbled surface.
Concrete drives can also be stamped or imprinted with a pattern to look like stone, cobble, or brick. How you
brush or finish the concrete once poured determines how slippery and uniform the surface of your driveway
will be. Take into account the activities that go on before deciding upon the surface of your driveway.
Basketball is easier on a smooth surface, while walking to the mailbox or bringing your car up an incline is
easier on a less slick surface. Stamped concrete Stone driveways are very handsome and easy to maintain. Depending on the look you
desire, you can create a driveway with any color stone from white to dark grey and black. Visit a stone shop,
quarry, or landscape yard to see the available colors and sizes of stone. Ask which are local and which can
be mixed and matched to give a varied, more colorful look. Beware of round stones, as they tend to roll away
from high spots. Good driveway stones should be angular so that they will stay put. Smaller stones may work
their way through larger ones and into the bedding soil below. Whatever stone you choose, be prepared to
restone every year or so to maintain the surface. Stone gives excellent drainage and a beautiful look for the
home. Think twice before building a white gravel drive, however, because a stone driveway is virtually
impossible to clean.

Driveway pavers Interlocking pavers are smart and elegant. They are manufactured to withstand weight and weather. They
are laid in bedding sand just as flagstone, cobblestone, and brick, but they interlock to provide a perfect,
stable fit. Stamped concrete pavers however provides a much more durable driveway, no cracks for weeds
to push through and zero maintenance. They come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, textures, and
designs. With pavers homeowners can create a rustic or period look quite easily. Pavers are wonderful for
intricate designs and difficult applications. They are easy to maintain and, like other applications that give
onto a bedding layer, provide excellent drainage for your driveway.

The truly lyrical driveway in our mind's eye is still the dirt drive with the grass between the tracks. This type of
driveway is especially well suited to a rustic or country home. The key to this look is to maintain the grass
between the tracks and along the sides of the drive. Provide good drainage to the sides of the tracks as well
since compressed earth may encourage pooling. Another option for the two-track drive, is to lay strips of
concrete where the tire tracks lay, while maintaining the grass and plantings between and to the sides of the

Stone and brick concrete stamped driveways  Have fun with your driveway and allow it to develop a style of its own. Mixing stamped concrete stones
together, stones and concrete, concrete and stamped pavers is a great way to achieve the look you want.
Entryways might require concrete. A basketball area could be surfaced in smooth concrete while the rest of
the drive is done in decorative pavers or brick. Whatever your choice, before deciding to lay down a
driveway, look at the possibilities. Your driveway is, after all, the first glimpse of your personality that visitors
will see.

Custom decorative concrete Driveways pools or concrete patios for all areas with a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures to choose from!...

Colors and patterns Stamped concrete is often chosen to blend with other stone or tile elements at the residence. Complex
designs incorporating steps, courtyards, and fountains can be achieved. Stamped concrete can also be
blended with other decorative concrete elements such as exposed aggregate finishes and acid-etch staining.
It wasnít long ago when deciding on a driveway material was easy: asphalt or concrete. Today, the concrete
choice has expanded to include a multitude of decorative concrete options.

While plain gray concrete is still the most often installed, but We at Local Near Me believe that this
ancient art compliments real estate property and enhances the beauty...click on the link below that says:"
Local Near Me Custom Masonry Pools, decks and Patios" to read more about this ancient art and painstaking step
by step process: Donít feel left out if you already have a driveway. The concrete industry has rapidly developed many
decorative products that can be applied to existing plain gray driveways and transform them into stunning
show piece entry ways for your home. Please click on the below links for an in depth comprehensive review We install concrete patios, driveways and foundations