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Many of our bathroom remodels consist of a complete gutting of an existing bathroom, updating plumbing and electrical work, installing new walls, tile work and new bath fixtures. Our team of construction professionals will complete your bathroom remodeling project with minimal disruption and minimal downtime to your home. We provide the highest quality workmanship and materials and we complete all our bathroom remodeling projects on time and on budget.■Bathroom Remodeling■ Bathroom Renovations■ Step in Showers ■Frameless Shower Doors■Bathroom Jacuzzi Installation ■Bathroom Floors ■Bathroom Fixtures ■

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There are plenty of ways in which you can increase the value of your home and add a touch of beauty to it. However, the fastest and the easiest way to do so is by a bathroom remodel. This could be a very rewarding and exciting experience if you manage to find the right contractor for it. A bathroom remodel is a big decision and you should not use any contractor since you might lose out a lot of time and money if you do so. The services of the contractor would determine how the quality of the new bathroom would be.

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It’s also very lightweight and really easy to mold, which makes the job for workers very easy when it comes to fitting your shower base to the surface of your shower. The disadvantage of this material in shower pans is that it is really expensive and when exposed to a direct flame it can burn or melt, so it’s important that things are installed properly. Fiberglass, on the other hand, contains thin fibers of glass and is formed into a woven layer.  To mold fiberglass, resins are added to form and it molds for the sake of shower pans, enclosures and others. Either way, acrylic shower pans and fiberglass shower pans usually have non-slip surfaces for the safety of those who use these showers. Shower pans can also be made from any kinds of composite materials that can be molded, those usually being marble or stone.  Both successfully take on the preferred embodiment of a shower pan once the molding has been completed. Having said that, since shower pans are made of molded and fabricated materials,  the size or shape of the shower pan doesn’t really matter much. In order to choose the right shower pan, whether it’s for a new shower or simply serving as a shower pan replacement, try to keep the following in mind. When taking a shower, try to look at the grout in the shower stall.  Grout is the semi-cement  material that you’ll find between the tiles.  It fills the cores of the tiles, and if the grout is cracked then water in your shower is most likely coming out from the holes. Another thing to look out for when taking a shower is whether the water levels raise up to your ankles or more without draining. In this case, your drain is probably clogged and it may in fact also be time for a new or better shower pan. When choosing the best shower pans to buy for your bathrooms, there’s more than just the material and the maker to keep in mind.  You also need to consider the style of your bathroom, the size of your shower enclosure, and the kind of color you want, (if any).  Many people simply prefer to go with chrome shower pans, but there are others available as well. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money if it means buying a sturdier shower pan, as you’ll likely not want to have to worry about replacing or maintaining it over the long haul.  The cost of labor with respect to fixing a shower pan can easily outweigh the cost of the initial purchase and installation, so talk to an expert to make sure that whatever you’re buying is a high quality shower pan that you can expect to last for some time to come. Small Bathroom Remodel And Renovation Ideas A comprehensive resource to assist you in buying and installing shower pans. The bathroom is one of the areas of a home that needs to be functional as well as stylish. While most people want their bathroom to be attractive it also needs to be well laid out and easy to use. If you live in a property with a smaller bathroom achieving a practical layout is not always the easiest of tasks, although there are a number of remodeling ideas that can help. A small bathroom remodel need not be overly expensive though and there are many options available to improve a bathroom layout. How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Big Creating the illusion of space can help to make a smaller bathroom feel less cramped and more comfortable. This is a simple small bathroom remodel idea and can generally be done for an affordable price. Adding a large mirror on one of the walls is an example of this and can help to make a bathroom feel larger. There are many decorative mirror styles available from antique to art deco and contemporary and these can add an attractive and practical touch to a bathroom. How To Light A Small Bathroom Lightening the color of a bathroom can help to provide a more airy feeling and this is another simple, cost effective small bathroom remodel idea. While matte or gloss paint can be used on walls and ceilings it is also possible to repaint bathtubs, sinks and tiles using epoxy based paint. There are a few epoxy paints specifically produced for this with Homax Tub & Sink Brush-On One-Part Epoxy White Paint being an example of this. At only $25 this is affordable to buy and painting your bathtub, sink and tiles in white can improve the look of a small bathroom and make it feel less enclosed. Corner Furniture = More Space If you are looking to replace the fixtures in a smaller bathroom, a good option is to use corner equipment. Bathroom With Limited Budget. Are you looking for giving your home the dream look that you always have dreamed about but have a limited budget? If you ar then don’t let this thing let you down anymore as you can always give your bathroom without spending too many dollars. It is non budget but pick up quality products and that can hold up together for many time to come. If a person has decided to install another(a) bathroom into their home or simply improve one that exists, they will need certain plumbing tools and materials. This is true whether they are an experienced do-it-yourselfer or ar hiring a declarer or handyman to do the job. There ar certain tools every homeowner should have on hand for repairs, as well. Here ar some equipment possibilities. Toilet The most important component of even the smallest bathroom is the porcelain throne. A toilet can fit into the smallest of spaces and can even transform an extra closet into an additional water closet. One that conserves water can be added to improve efficiency.  It is recommended that you begin your search by looking for the items that ar used by the majority and slowly continue on to insert them over timely manner. Moving on in this fashion will definitely allow you to complete the dream appearance of your bathroom in tight budget is well. When decorating bathrooms be very clear that the major portion of the room is flooring which will be responsible for receiving a huge deal of use. This is why it is recommended that you should opt for durable products like stone or ceramic tiles. There are many tile stores out there in the market which can give you this material in very cheap price as you have to just search the supplier in your area. Which ever type of tile you pick make sure that it is durable and water resistant. It would be great if you could install a floor heating sub coils to keep the surface warm even in the cold months. Hardwood floors can be another(a) one great option for the floor of your home that can give them a real warm feeling and look. Moreover you have to make sure that they are normally plastered properly so that you don’t have to face the problems in the near future especially if you ar on a tighter budget. Once you have installed the floor then look for quality and design full toilet as this will be the twist which is going to be used frequently in your toilet. When it comes to buying a toilet the budget issues again can come in consideration this is why you have to give some special attention on buying toilet from some wholesaler as they are the one who normally provide appliances at a cheaper price as compare to retailers. You can also check out secondhand toilets that ar well polished and maintained as they can save you a lot of money. It would be better if you buy toilets that use less water for each flush. This idea may non sit too well with the people with the tight budget as this type of toilet can be a little expensive as compare to others but it sure going to save you a lot of money in the long run. The next thing to be moldiness there in some bathroom is a shower. This is one bathroom accessory that does non require too much budget as if you have right color sense most of the cheap showers will stand out. It is potential to find out cheap but fashionable looking shower in limited budget if you have the sense for style and fashion.

Find Local Showers Remodeling Contractors Ideas Cost Remodel Bathroom Bathtub Shower Ceramic Tiles Sinks Vanity Renovation Company Update Tile Floor Counter Tops Install New Cabinets Fixtures This gives you the option of either a shower or a bath, and saves space as well!  If you ar considering upgrading your bathroom and kitchen sink faucets, you have come to the right place. The following explanation will make your task much easier and will save your time as well.  It may seem intimidating at first, but you’ll get used to it along the way and realize that DIY shower pan installation is in fact possible. I’ll be giving you some tips, tricks and tweaks and some things to avoid when performing shower pan installation.  This method can be performed for fiberglass shower pan installation and more. Water leaks in your shower enclosure may typically be caused by overly saturated concrete.  Water enters into grout between your shower tiles, and the grout isn’t water resistant but rather just repels it.  Eventually, though, the grout breaks down over time, leading the water to begin to leak out.  This starts when water begins entering the cracked grout on the shower pan itself. With that said, sometimes we’ll need to start a new leaf and move forward with a new shower pan.  Let’s take a look at the best way to perform some DIY shower pan installation.  Keep in mind that you can always hire a professional to do this, which we’ll discuss briefly after outlining some do it yourself steps as far as shower base installation goes. Steps to follow when performing shower pan installation •    Start with a solid wood floor or concrete when your bathroom is in the basement.  You’ll use this as a base. •    Apply a roofing felt on the floor (wood or concrete). •    Cement (5:1 sand over portland) should be sloped toward the drain, smooth it out. •    Shower pan should be wrapped up the walls, 10 inches. •    Shower pan should be wrapped on the door or opening ledge too. •    Check corners to make sure they’re folded, sealed, and leakage free. •    Mortar bed needs to be laid down after and surrounded by crushed stone.  Try to slope it towards the drain. •    Put floor tiles down after concrete is installed. •  For us to be capable to fix any random plumbing problems, we need to have our own sets of materials from our homes. This way, we can try to fix them before the plumber arrives. There ar lots of plumbing equipments and materials available that we can buy and keep inside our storage boxes so that we have something to use when problems arise. The following ar the tools we need to have inside our homes: · Fittings These are metal links that connects the pieces of pipe together even with or without having a change in direction. Some of these are made for connecting the dissimilar sizes of pipes. Others ar made for the amusing and dividing the flow of water in the pipe. Fittings are made up of materials same as with the pipes. This way, it can be good for screwing, flanging, and welding. Elbow fittings are the ones we use to change the direction of the pipe that will either go left, right, up or down. These ar commonly called as “ells” which come with a variety of angles. There ar also cross fittings which are really the ones that will give a two-way direction, mostly has a Y shape.   Make sure this is all done before the walls are joint between wall and floor, and use a flexible sealant.  This is very important. Mortar beds are concrete beds with wire mesh, and they’re used before laying over tiles on the floor. Crushed stone, by the way, is used for proper flow of water into the drain.  It allows all water to flow right toward the drains and avoids clogging up your shower pan.  This is why shower pan drain installation must be done right.  Other popular ones are tile shower pans, and some made of molded materials such as stone and marble shower pans. Acrylic is a clear plastic that somewhat resembles glass, though it’s far more flexible and safe in terms of the pressure it can handle.  One popular form of acrylic is fiberglass.  Acrylic is not only used for shower pans, but you’ll find it in other parts of the shower like shower doors and shower enclosures. There are many reasons to consider choosing acrylic shower pans.  It’s stronger, making it really resistant and really safe, and it won’t break as easily as glass might with pressure. This typically takes up less room and can provide more space in a smaller bathroom, making the room more comfortable to use. Corner equipment is ideal for a small bathroom remodel and examples of this type of fixture include corner bathtubs, corner shower units and corner vanities. By utilizing the corner space in a small bathroom a little more space is freed up along the walls and this can open up the layout of the room and make it less cramped. Proper Planning Prior to do any work on a small bathroom remodel it can be worth doing a little planning to ensure the fixtures you include are suitable for your needs. If you can live without a bathtub and require only a shower unit this can make it much easier to achieve a better layout. Before you decide to for a Bath Plumbing services, then the following tips can help you in choosing the right plumber. Make sure that the company that you ar vocation is insured and licensed especially if you need them for an emergency. The license gives you assurance that the company is recognized for its professionalism and training. The insurance is to give you assurance that someone will pay for the damages in case of the injuries or inadvertent damage. Before you hire a plumber, ensure that his company is up to date with his insurance by request the copy of his license and insurance cover. Remodeling a bathroom can be a major task, especially when you don’t have a clear plan. Before you can make a plan for your bathroom remodel, you mustiness know what your options are and what you want. When it comes to tubs and showers, there ar many choices that reach beyond the traditional stand-alone walk in shower or the conventional step in tub. Some newer and more luxurious items in today’s world of tubs and showers admit steam showers, clawfoot bathtubs, and walkin tubs.  Bathtubs are typically the largest feature in a bathroom and removing this from a small bathroom can free up a lot of floor space. If you can therefore live with only a shower it can help to create a better layout in a small bathroom. Space Issues Storage space in a small bathroom can also be an issue. However, if you can use suitable storage in a bedroom for towels and other bathroom accessories it can help to cut down the size of vanities and cupboards you need in the bathroom. This again will free up a little space a make a small bathroom feel less cramped. Final Ideas To Consider There are many ideas for a small bathroom remodel and this can range from the simple addition of a large mirror to create the feeling of space, to full scale refitting using appropriate fixtures such as corner units. The aim of a remodel is to create space, or at least the illusion of space, to make a smaller bathroom more comfortable and practical to use. The facility of shower in the steamer unit of the bath area has become a major trend among the people nowadays and this trend is spreading like fire. The best benefit of this complete unit is that people can have the comforting effects not only on the body but also on the mind. A complete state of rest can be achieved with the shower & tub combo. The best part is that the result produced by this unit has a long lasting effect and this can take you to the complete state of relaxation. This is the prime reason why most of the people ar option for this shower and tub combo unit.

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