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Phoenix AZ basement remodeling, is the process of converting your basement into a space that will function as a livable area. Many people find this type of Phoenix AZ basement renovation too daunting a task to take on alone, which is why they contact us. Whether this means you turn your basement into an office, a bar and billiards space, a play area, or a bedroom, Phoenix AZ basement finishing consists of many different steps.



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Contractors Finish Phoenix AZ Basement Remodeling Finishing Cost Ideas | Man-Cave Unfinished Basements Convert Remodel Renovation Company Up Date

Phoenix AZ Basements Remodeling Contractors FREE Quote ➨ Phoenix AZ Basement Renovation Contractors Phoenix AZ Basement Floor Wall Company Up Date Cost Phoenix AZ Basements

When you are planning on a basement remodeling project, one of the most critical things that you would have to consider is the flooring for your basement. You would want to make your basement as inviting and cozy as possible so the hard, cold cement floors of the basement are obviously not the right choice.

Make Your Basement Livable

There are many different ways in which you can make your basement more comfortable and livable. The easiest and the most cost effective way to transform the look and the feel of the room is through flooring. Until the recent times the basements had been just thought o as store rooms and they were not really spaces where people would want to spend time since they were damp and dark. However, today you can change the basement and turn it into a lovely and useable space. Basements can be used as an extra room in the house. You can covert it into a nice place with the help of just a few changes. You could even turn it into an entertainment room or home office, home theater or a games room.

The Different Flooring Options

When you undertake any type of basement remodeling plan, one of the main details that you would have to think about is the type of floor that you would want to install in the basement. Since the basement is typically a place which would remain a little damp, you would want a floor which would be able to withstand moisture. Given below are a few ideas on basement flooring:


Although it might seem like an unusual flooring option, the fact is that paint can be a very inexpensive way to change the flooring of your basement. You can use a latex paint which is semi-permeable. Basements would have some water seepage problems so using an ordinary paint would only mean that the paint can start peeling a few months later.

Laminate Floors

One of the most popular options for basement flooring is laminate floors. Laminate floors are actually quite inexpensive and they can be easily installed as a basement remodeling project. Also, laminate floors are very easy to maintain. If you have young children, this type of floor would work perfectly for you.


Another option to consider is carpeting. Carpets can be bought cheaper since there are plenty of flooring warehouses everywhere. However, you would not be able to brush and mop these so you would need to vacuum them regularly. However, a carpet might not be the right choice if you have high humidity and water seepage problems but they can be very useful in the winter months as they can keep the room warm.

Hardwood Floors

Another option to consider during your basement remodeling plan is hardwood floors. Although it might seem like a little extravagant, it is not unheard of. It is possible to have hardwood floors in your basement. You should know, however, that these floors get easily damaged by water and high humidity so you should think about it well before undertaking installing these floors as a part of your basement remodeling plan.

Finishing a basement remodeling plan would provide your family with extra space at a low price. Any basement would already have a ceiling, floor and walls so it would be a lot cheaper than adding any extra room to your home. If you undertake the project yourself, you would be able to save some more money with it.

Uses of a Finished Basement

The best thing about a basement remodeling project is that the finished basement has plenty of uses. The extra space that would be created can be used for almost anything you want, a play room for the kids, a home theater, a game room, entertainment space or a home office. There are several different options available to you if you want to use the basement space for something a more useful.

Planning Your Basement Remodeling

The first and the most important step in the project is effective planning. The first thing that you would have to decide is how you would like to use the extra spaces. The different uses of the space would require different designs and materials. For example, a playroom for the kids would need a different design than a home theater so it is best to clearly know how you would be using the new space.

Basement remodeling would make your home more attractive and comfortable. You would add a lot of usable square feet to your home with this remodeling project. This is especially helpful for those families who do not have a large backyard or any additional space to make use of. Remodeling your basement is cost effective and also a lot easier than the other types of home additions.

Different Remodeling Ideas

Given below are a few ideas for your remodeling projects:

Home Theater

This is one of the most popular ideas since the room can be changed to provide you a very real movie theater type of experience with the help of a sound system and flat TV.

Home Office

There are quite a lot of people who prefer to use the basement as an office since it is quiet. With so many people working from home, the basement proves to be a good, easy home office project.

Game Room

Turning your basement into a game room can be a great way to create a space where the entire family can gather and enjoy some quality time together.

Home Gym

Those who are into workout can turn their basement into a gym with dedicated space for exercise equipment.

Entertainment Room

Basement remodeling can be an exciting project if you turn your basement into an entertainment or a bar room so that you can entertain your guests in a cozy, cool environment.

Things to Consider

Given below are a few tips and some things that you would have to consider while basement remodeling so that you do not face any comfort, safety or budget problems:

If you are planning to hire a contractor, it is necessary to ensure that they are certified, qualified and reliable.
Before you start the basement remodeling project, you would have to get an energy audit conducted to identify any electrical problems in the area so that there are no problems later on.
You would have to check the local building codes to know the size of the windows and emergency exits to meet the requirements.
Use area rugs, linoleum and tiles for the basement remodeling. In basements, it might get a little difficult to maintain a carpet.
You would have to use better and more lights in the basement since there is very little natural light sources in the area.
Even though basements are naturally cooler during summer and warmer in the winter months, you would need additional ventilation for better comfort. Ensure that your basement also has a thermostat.
You would have to undertake installation to access ventilation, plumbing and electrical for the upper floor as well as the basement.
Consider a horizontal design for the basement. This type of design emphasizes on the length and the width of the room. If you lay the tiles in diagonal patterns, the basement would look wider.
It would be necessary to have a full or a half bath in the basement so that you do not have to run upstairs every time you want to use a bathroom.