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Courtyard Design and Stone Walkways

Thoughtfully designed walkways and courtyards can add incredible value to custom homes. Designer Properties offers a variety of ways to design these flexible outdoor areas. Brick courtyards with tile inlays, patios with saddleback sandstone seat walls and carefully crafted walkways made from irregularly shaped natural stones are just a few of the options available to clients. In the field of landscaping and design there are many things to be considered. Probably one of the most sought dreams of the typical residential people is that fabulous garden pool everyone wishes they could have. Though there are many kinds of pools you can buy which are relatively cheaper than a landscaped pool, it’s just not the same as having a pool in your back garden in the ground. Surely most would agree. Above ground pools are good, but they do pose the danger of screws loosening, bolts coming undone, the sides buckling and many other things that are just too long to list here. Pool landscaping however takes these flaws away by putting the water in the ground where nature intended it to be. Pool landscaping can be both expensive and inexpensive depending on the route you wish to take to build the pool. Typically there are two types of material you can use to make a pool for your landscape. The first is cement and the other is a rubber-like liner. Concrete pools require forms to be made and concrete poured into them after the pool has been dug out. After the concrete is poured, cured and tiled there must be drains and other such things added to make the pool operate properly and clean. This route is a more expensive way to build a pool. A less expensive way of pool landscaping is by using a rubber-like liner to line a pre-dug pool. Once the hole is dug and the liner is laid in place you can put flat stones, rock crush or any other such things around it so it looks more attractive than just a rubber liner in a hole in the ground. Once everything is prepared and set up, put in an adequate filter to keep the water clean for swimming. Also be sure there is adequate amount of sterilizer in the water mixture to prevent bacteria and other nasty things from taking hold in your pool. The first thing to do when doing landscape design is to first survey the land. Learn all there is to learn about it and then begin any preparations to get things ready for the design.

Landscape Plans and Masonry Contractors

Designer Properties will work closely with clients on their landscaping plans, incorporating even less common materials to create a unique and idyllic setting. Clients can request cobblestone retaining walls for their raised gardens, soft natural stone pool coping, terracotta pavers in mortar, brick planter walls and even dry antique terracotta pavers, and our skilled masonry contractors will be happy to oblige. After the design preparations have been made you can then prepare the actual design for the land. Having landscaping and design knowledge drastically helps in making the ‘perfect’ landscape. Sometimes when people have a particular vision, it can’t always be carried out. When a situation like this arises, the landscaper and surveyor can improvised around your ideas to best suit the situation and the layout of the land. Landscape Services – How to Choose People today that own homes or are property managers have the task of land maintenance or development. Also not all of these people have the skills or tools to perform landscaping operations and thus resort to landscaping services. Although many services are out there to choose from, can you be sure of which service you should choose for the job? That’s an interesting question almost everyone asks themselves before committing to hiring a contractor, but do most know how to choose a well-established landscaping service? Some would think they are choosing a good service, but in actuality are not. Landscaping services should always have one thing you should ask to see at all times – personal references and a portfolio of projects they can show a client to have proof of the kind of work they and their staff are capable of. A lot of people walk into any landscaping or construction project with having absolutely no idea about the company they are about to deal with. That is an extremely bad practice. Though most companies appear professional, pictures can lie. That is why it is so important you ask the contractor questions as well as seeing visual proof for yourself. A lot of people would consider this foolish – a company wouldn’t be one if they weren’t good at what they did right? Wrong! It isn’t a good idea to think like that. It can land you in a world of trouble resulting in a permanent mistake, which is non correctable.

Hardscaping is the construction of retaining walls, patios, walkways, outdoor kitchens, barbeques, pergolas, decks, fire pits and fireplaces out of various natural and man-made products such as stone, pavers, concrete and wood. Learn more about our Hardscaping services. Master Planning & CAD Design Swimming Pool Design Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation Outdoor Fireplaces Water Crossings & Bridges Sod & Hydro Seeding Demolition & Lot Clearing Patios & Walkways Masonry & Concrete Pool and Spa Surrounds Driveways Outdoor Kitchens & Bars Ponds & Water Features Full Landscape Installation Excavating & Grading Retaining Walls.

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Local Near Me Residential Landscape Designers & Contractors. Compliment your home Mowing Aeration Spring & Fall Clean Up Shrub & Tree Pruning Hardscaping is very popular in modern landscape designs and can compliment your home and coordinate with your plantings. Most homes today that are highly rated on curb appeal have at least two or three hardscaping elements incorporated into their design. When it comes to hardscaping as do it yourself projects, it is usually best to tackle jobs that are small and simple enough to do it a weekend, such as adding a walkway of rocks or a border of bricks. For a larger-scale job, a professional who specialized specifically in hardscaping can help you chose the right elements and materials that will work best with your climate, That’s why it is also important to make sure the landscaping services you get are guaranteed. It is best to ask around, check out the business or company you’ll be receiving services from, get feedback about them and when you have enough information from a few or several companies, make your decision.  Before you start landscaping always get a surveyor to inspect things. This will in turn help the landscaper(s) prepare and know what they’re up against. This will also help them to give you a better estimate on the entire project cost as well as the timeline or any complications that could arise. Landscaping and design take both mathematical and visual skills which not all people have mastered. Some people have a natural artistic skill and as well a naturalistic ability to properly proportion and balance visual subjects. This sort of field requires of course some physical strength, but it is not a huge asset considering a large portion of landscaping is done by machines and planned or drafted on computers today. Though this is so, there is still a large amount of manual planning and preparation that cannot be done with these tools. Landscaping on a Budget Great money saving landscaping ideas Landscaping is a fabulous way to transform the look of your garden or yard. Even though landscaping is wonderful, it can also be very expensive. So, how can you create a stunning garden on a budget; is it even possible? It is possible and just because you have a limited budget or don’t want to spend a small fortune on it, you can make it into your own little area of paradise. Here are some great tips to make landscaping cheap and cheerful! Plan, plan and plan some more The best way to make sure you are not buying more than you need is to make a plan. Sketch your garden as it is now and create a separate sketch for your landscape ideas. Measuring your garden and knowing where you would like things to be is the best way to ensure you don’t waste money on materials you don’t need. Space out your spending Even landscaping on a budget can be quite costly. So, instead of buying everything you need all at once, buy in phases. Try not to use your credit card or a loan to landscape your garden as you may go over your budget. It is always better to use the funds you have available in hand, this way you won’t get in over your head! Sometimes, you get what you pay for. Beware of buying items for your landscaping efforts just because they are cheap. When most people think of landscaping, they think purely of flowers, shrubs and trees. More than ever, landscaping stones are becoming an increasingly popular part of the common flower garden. There are a variety of uses for them and they can be used in virtually any outdoor setting. It is actually becoming quite uncommon to see a completed landscaping job that does not incorporate stones. One of the first things that are needed is creativity. It is not enough to simply toss a few rocks in your garden and call it a day. They are typically used to enhance the look of the work you have already finished. This can be flowers, trees, water fountains or anything else. If they are positioned properly, they can even serve to increase the value of your home. There is a huge variety when it comes to choosing the proper stone. Some people may have giant boulders at the beginning of their driveways. Some may also have smaller, flat-faced stones placed carefully in their gardens. The possibilities are endless and the great thing is that you don’t have to care for the stones. Once you have installed them, you can continue working on the living parts of your garden. After all, the stones only act to complement the main feature, so you need to ensure that they are properly cared for. The use of stone is not limited to the garden alone. It can also be used in walkways and patios. These types of walkways and patios tend to be more durable than the standard wood frames, which are making it an increasingly popular choice. Interlocking brick is another popular way to incorporate stone into your landscape. No matter what your personal style is, you can landscape your yard to your preference. You can do it yourself or hire a professional but whatever method you choose will ensure that you enjoy your garden much more.  Cheap does not necessarily mean better and you may have to replace items after a short while. Some items for your garden shouldn’t be skimped on such as lumbar, turf and so on. Also, the large chains of DIY and garden stores don’t always have the “know how” of the smaller, more independent chains. The smaller chains will probably be more expensive as they cannot buy materials in the vast quantity that the superstores do; however, you cannot put a price on expert knowledge and advice. If you are a first time landscaper, this advice and knowledge will go an awful long way! There is nothing quite as relaxing as a beautifully landscaped pond. A pond can transform your average backyard into a unique space. When many of us think about pond landscaping we think that it is only for millionaires with money to drop on fish and fancy rocks. However, this just is not the case, you can do your own pond landscaping with just the right attitude and a few tools. One of the most important things to keep in mind with pond landscaping is to keep it simple. You don’t need to load it up with all kinds of gizmos and gadgets. Really, all you need are a few interestingly shaped rocks and some nice plants. Granite is a good rock for pond landscaping because it oftentimes has small flecks of mica in it, which glistens in the sun. Slate is also useful for making small terraces and platforms. Plants are also important to include as they add an extra element to your beautiful pond. Consider lily pads or willows if you want to go for more of a classy feel. Or if you want your pond to be more exotic, you can try your hand at growing orchids. For a Japanese influence, you can even include small fish! We might not all have enough money for koi carp, but a few hearty goldfish can look just as good in a smaller pond. It is important to remember to balance the pH properly, but the result is well worth it. You do not have to be rich to have a beautiful pond; with a good eye and a bit of creativity you can do your own pond landscaping and add a beautiful, serene element to your own backyard. You’ll definitely get a large amount of attention once others get to experience your breathtaking pond up close.  Compare prices Even though on some occasions you should opt for the more expensive and quality items; there are times that buying the cheapest is a good idea. Many superstores and nurseries will stock the same plants. Compare the prices and get the cheapest possible. Make sure to check the quality of the plants before you buy though! Look for other sources of material Don’t assume that your local gardening centre or superstore will have the cheapest prices. Why not have a look online or for specific sales in certain shops. Prices online are usually much cheaper than that of their land based counterparts. This is mainly because they don’t have the shop overheads and staff wages to take into account. If ordering plants and bulbs online, make sure to check the last order date. Some online stores will only accept orders for such items before a certain date. You will have them delivered to the door without having to go anywhere! So, as you can see, landscaping doesn’t have to be a financial headache. Instead, it can be a wonderful and satisfying project that you can be proud of for years to come.  Sometimes improvisations must be made to change or fix something that can’t be with conventional methods. All in all landscaping and design can be a small or large job depending on what it is you’re doing. In some situations you will not need a land surveyor and such and can complete things yourself, but if at any time you are unsure, always contact someone to assess the situation if you can’t.

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