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Contractors Install & Build Rockwall TX Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces Patios A well-designed Rockwall TX outdoor kitchen will provide an added living and entertainment area for your family and could also boost the value of your home. existing patio, there are limitless possibilities to how elaborate your space can be. Landscaping Your Outdoor World- You've got a patio, deck, inground spa, interlocking pavers and an arbor. What's missing? You can't live outdoors without plant life, whether it's poolside plantings, a patio garden, containers on your deck or front porch. Learn how landscaping works into the whole outdoors scheme, and vice versa. Rockwall TX outdoor living space guaranteed to change your backyard Retreat. Contractors Install & Build Rockwall TX Outdoor Kitchens & Fireplaces Stone Brick Contractor Build Living Spaces Backyard Retreats Company Landscaping Cost.

Landscape Design. grading and the amount of durability that will be needed. Never heard of the term before but hardscaping You may have never heard of the term before but hardscaping refers to the part of your landscaping that is non-living. This includes driveways, stone walkways, patios, and even wood decks. Concrete, stones, and bricks can also be a part of hardscaping. Also, fences, arbors, gazebos, and retaining walls can be considered part of your hardscaping. You can use boulders when designing your landscape projects and these would be considered hardscaping. Even the stones you use when building a koi pond in your yard are considered hardscaping. Landscape Gallery Products and Services Landscaping Landscape Design (In 3-D) Fountains Ponds Waterfalls Flower Gardens Sod, Rock, Mulch Installation Decorative & Functional Lighting Lawn Renovations Drainage Solutions Lawn Care Fertilization & Weed Control Flower Bed Maintenance Irrigation Winter Planter Design & Installation Snow Removal Tree Trimming & Removal Mosquito Control Hardscapes Boulder & Block Retaining Walls Paver & Stone Sidewalks & Patios. Residential Landscape Designers & Contractors. Compliment your home Mowing Aeration Spring & Fall Clean Up Shrub & Tree Pruning Hardscaping is very popular in modern landscape designs and can compliment your home and coordinate with your plantings. Most homes today that are highly rated on curb appeal have at least two or three hardscaping elements incorporated into their design. When it comes to hardscaping as do it yourself projects, it is usually best to tackle jobs that are small and simple enough to do it a weekend, such as adding a walkway of rocks or a border of bricks. For a larger-scale job, a professional who specialized specifically in hardscaping can help you chose the right elements and materials that will work best with your climate,Products and Services Landscaping Landscape Design (In 3-D) Fountains Ponds Waterfalls Flower Gardens Sod, Rock, Mulch Installation Decorative & Functional Lighting Lawn Renovations Drainage Solutions Lawn Care Mowing Aeration Spring & Fall Clean Up Shrub & Tree Pruning Fertilization & Weed Control Flower Bed Maintenance Irrigation Winter Planter Design & Installation Snow Removal Tree Trimming & Removal Mosquito Control Hardscapes Boulder & Block Retaining Walls Paver & Stone Sidewalks & Patios.A green, lush landscape enhances your image in the community, preserves and increases your property's value, and protects your investment. Using the latest in trenchers or plows, we install your new system with minimal damage to your lawn. You won't even know we've been there until you see your new system turned on! Landscaping can design your outdoor living areas to meet your family's versatile needs, including entertaining, lounging, dining, working, and relaxation. We can create raised fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and patios that are an extension of your home.

Our Services Year-Around Complete Maintenance (Paradise Package)
This is the package for those who want the BEST, but also want the BEST VALUE! Service typically includes, but is not limited to: mowing, edging, weed eating, blowing, maintaining beds, bushes, debris/trash cleanup and blowing. This service offers a year around monthly charge that stays the same and therefore is nice for budgets. Call for a no cost, no hassle estimate and get on our weekly or bi-weekly schedule today! Seasonal Maintenance (Premium Package) Same services can be provided as above, but without service through the slower winter months. This service is also billed monthly, cost will be higher per month than above, but lower total cost. Occasionally beginning of season fees apply to return yard to service condition. Temporary Yard Service (Weekend Warrior Package) Lawn mower broken or going out of town, but love mowing your own grass or don't want the expense of regular service? We can usually work you into our schedule and keep your prized lawn looking like Paradise while you hike the Himalayas, surf Southern California's sweet swells, or Camp in Colorado (or even wait for the lawn mower repair guy). Trust us with your lawn! Landscape Design & Maintenance I will personally design a landscape with as little or as much input as you'd like to give. We accept major credit cards and paypal direct transfer for all landscaping. Call today and transform your outdoor space! Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair Have a couple of busted heads? Dry, dead spots on your lawn? Need your sprinklers adjusted because they keep soaking your garage, leaving stains on your house or spraying you in the face as you leave each morning? Pipe leaking? Maybe you need a new timer or your pump won't hold prime because a valve needs to be replaced. You guessed it, we do it, and we do it affordably! Sod Installation Popular Centipede, Lush St. Augustine, or hip new Empire Zoysia, you pay (for) it, we lay it! Aeration is a available as a stand-alone service or as part of Paradise or Premium package. This often overlooked, but important service in vital to the health and vitality of your lawn. Whether fertilizing, reseeding or just trying to get your grass growing at it's best, regular aeration will help do the trick.Fences Removal, disposal and construction of wooden privacy fences is another service we provide. We specialize in decorative trimmed fencing (primarily front of property) and staining/sealing. So, what are you waiting for? Add a privacy fence to your property today or upgrade your boring front to a classy decorative fence. My prices for decorative look are usually about what major fence contractors charge for a basic install and include several features and quality craftsmanship many others don't offer. Tree Cutting/Stump Grinding We will be glad to remove small to medium-sized trees from your property. For large trees, we can refer you to one of several great companies who can help. Mulching Remulching your flower beds is a yearly chore if you want them to look their best. We do weed-proofing and mulching at Paradise Landscapes. Mulching is typically a stand-alone service, but can be added to Paradise or Premium Packages. Raised Flower/Vegetable Gardens This is a new service I am offering due its strong demand as of late. Everyone seems to be growing something edible or beautiful in their backyard these days. Isn't it time you started a garden with your kids? I can construct and provide necessary irrigation adjustments and will even fill new beds with a mix of soil ready for your veggies or flowers!






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Chisholm TX Fate TX Glen Hill TX Heath TX McLendon-Chisholm TX Mobile City TX Rockwall TX Royse City TX

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There are different choices of materials for building the fireplace like stones- natural stones, limestone, marble, or slate; aluminum; cast iron etc. but the most durable material is definitely brick. You will have to choose such a building material for the fireplace such that it does not fade easily or catch rust or corrosion.

It must be capable of withstanding the blazing flames or other weather particles. In order to complete the outdoor fireplace designs you will need fire box, crown, over-mantel, a leg, mantel shelf, header, filler panel and plinth base. Chimeneas, which is Mexican pattern chimney pots, have become very popular.

There are different sizes and colors available for the fireplace depending on the material you choose. Taking professional assistance is always advisable. This will not only ensure good designs but you will get correct tip for positioning the fireplace. The fireplace must be in a safe place away from electric wiring or flammable area.

By employing the professional you can remain assured of perfect service and fulfillment of your demand. Build a shelter for the fireplace because being vulnerable to wind fire can cause accidents so safety measure must be kept in mind while building the fireplace. Looking after the fireplace is very important and for this you have to follow what the manufacturer is suggesting. It is very enjoyable to relax outside if the outdoor fireplace designs are carefully implemented.

No matter what the season, spending more time outdoors with friends and family is the best way to spend ones time. An outdoor fireplace is a great conversation starter and centerpiece for any social gathering with an indoor fireplace being a very expensive undertaking since it needs to be retrofitted into the existing building.

The perfect alternative to this are outdoor fireplace Contractors. They are now available in many styles with excellent build quality and design. They have been gaining popularity steadily over the last few years due to a selection of high quality, good-looking and easy-to-assemble Contractors arriving on the market. Many people have decided to replace their expensive custom outdoor fireplaces or simply not buy one in the first place since these are so much more affordable. Outdoor fireplace Contractors allow you to transform an entire outdoor area in one weekend, making it a social and entertainment hub.

Custom outdoor fireplaces have the ability to transform any outdoor area into a warm and serene oasis from busy, everyday life. They remain one of the most popular outdoor accessories to add dimension to an otherwise bleak backyard.

There are many different types and styles of construction for custom outdoor fireplaces and each one has its own pros and cons. These options let the homeowner have a fireplace built to their exacting requirements, choosing their own materials, design and even collaborate with the fireplace maker, incorporate your own ideas from a few different styles into your custom creation. Or you could choose to purchase one of the many outdoor fireplace kits for a semi-custom look. The choice is yours. The sky is the limit with this so if you want a glass and stone combination, theres no stopping you. Of course, this comes at a cost. A custom fireplace can end up costing significantly more money than a premade one. For inspiration, here are the main styles with their unique attributes listed below:

Brick Firesides: These are one of the most recognizable types of fireplaces and add a warm, rustic charm to any area instantly. They are unbelievably strong and durable and can withstand immense temperatures. These standalone fire structures tend to outlast the houses they adjoin by many years. They are really easy to clean and maintain as well, a true classic.

Stone Hearths: These can be made from a number of different types of stone including marble and granite. They retain heat really well, whole area warm for longer. They are also very sturdy, long-lasting and add a nice old worldfeel to an outdoor area.

Glass Fireplace: These are not your average fireplace. They are made from very special heat-treated glass that can withstand very high temperatures without buckling, warping or melting. The sides of the fireplace are glass with the base being made from stone, concrete, steel of some other material. The glass sides add a super modern feel and allow guests to see the fire without any sparks or embers leaping out at them. Although this design looks really good, they are better for indoor use as they dont radiate as much heat as a stone fireplace for example. This might not be much of an issue for you though.

Stainless Steel and Cast Iron: The main benefit of metals is their high temperature tolerance, however, depending on your style preference and house design, it may be the perfect choice aesthetically as well. Custom outdoor fireplaces are the perfect complement to an entertainershome.

With custom outdoor kitchens you can achieve almost any design idea you desire. This of course includes the style and materials used, but the latter is something you need to consider very carefully. Certain woods for example may not withstand changing weather conditions, so its important you select materials that are durable in such conditions, such as slate, flagstone, cedar and teak. Associated with the outdoor kitchen design are also items that arent very appealing to the eye. Things like gas canisters and rubbish bins arent something you want to be on view, so all items need to be considered before you go ahead with any particular outdoor kitchen plans. You might also need to think about how your outdoor kitchen will look from within the house, and whether it blocks any sunlight.

Unless youre planning integrating a washing up area in your outdoor kitchen, consider the location in comparison to your indoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are great for entertaining but its a bit of pain having to carry dishes and cutlery back inside afterwards to wash up. The orientation of your outside kitchen is another important thing that you should consider. This should be based on a focal point such as a fireplace, swimming pool, or a great view. However, if you don't have any of these features at home, you can make your own focal point through efficient use of your space and proper design planning. Creating a good lounging space is also an important thing to do for your ourdoor kitchen. You can do this by incorporating different seating areas wherever you can. This will be a huge plus for your outdoor kitchen design. You should also see to it that your outside kitchen provides easy access to your indoor kitchen because most of the items that you're going to use for cooking outside the house will be coming from inside your house.

Two of the most important features that every outside kitchen in should possess are a grill and a cook top. You can choose from a wide variety that range from gas and charcoal grills to wood burning ovens. You can make the design complete by adding in a sink and a refrigerator. Building plans for outdoor kitchens should also adhere to any fire safety and building regulations. You dont want to build an outdoor fireplace only to discover its dangerous or against regulations, and are forced to change it. Save yourself the hassle by doing your research first. Accessorizing is great for the finishing touches of any outdoor kitchen designs. This can be through buying useful appliances or with the fabrics used throughout the design. Eating utensils, glassware and accessories like solar bird baths, fountains and wind chimes can also contribute to the ambiance.

Finally, an outdoor kitchen construction isnt complete without proper lighting. The position and style of lights not only helps with safety but also contributes to the nightlife you can enjoy with family and friends.The outdoor kitchen belongs to the list of the hottest new trends in  kitchen designs today. Whether this claim has been based on the rising gas prices, economy, or the age demographic of most homeowners is not quite clear. However, what's clear is that the  outdoor kitchen is a really hot trend nowadays and is considered as a good thing to invest money on.outdoor kitchen designs that are used nowadays are a lot more sophisticated than simple charcoal grills and patio furniture sets. They often combine a bar and a dining room together through the look and feel that they give out.

You need to remember that, not just because the kitchen is situated outside the house, you can already forget about traditional design principles. You still need to apply the same design principles and function is one of the most important things that you need to consider. One of the best designs when it comes to functionality is the kitchen work triangle. A kitchen work triangle has its sink on one tip of the triangle. The center of the cook top or range is located on another tip of the triangle. The refrigerator is also on the other tip. This might be quite impossible or impractical to achieve this in an outdoor setting depending on your focal point, orientation, and the structures that you already have in your space but whatever the type of layout that you choose to go with there are always good ways to make it functional.

If you choose to go for an L-shape, long straight line, or a U-shape, you should consider placing workstations in progression ofr your outdoor kitchen in . For instance, you can first place the sink, then your preparation area, then your cooking area adjacent to that. Make sure that you create enough countertop space for preparing and serving. Rockwall TX Outdoor Kitchens FREE Quote Call NOW 24x7 Rockwall TX Outdoor Fireplaces Builder & Patios Rockwall TX Flagstone Paver Patio Stone- Brick Contractor Builds Rockwall TX Outdoors Living Spaces Backyard Retreats Rockwall TX Landscaping Company Cost Rockwall TX Natural Stone Fireplaces and Patios Cost