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Stonemasons often work from a set of drawings, in which each stone has been numbered for identification. Helpers may locate and carry these pre numbered stones to the masons. A derrick operator using a hoist may be needed to lift large stone pieces into place. When building a stone wall, masons set the first course of stones into a shallow bed of mortar. They then align the stones with wedges, plumb lines, and levels, and work them into position with a hard rubber mallet. Masons continue to build the wall by alternating layers of mortar and courses of stone.

Brick masons and Stonemasons

When setting stone floors, which often consist of large and heavy pieces of stone, masons first use a trowel to spread a layer of damp mortar over the surface to be covered. Using crowbars and hard rubber mallets for aligning and leveling, they then set the stone in the mortar bed. To finish, workers fill the joints and clean the stone slabs. Masons use a special hammer and chisel to cut stone. They cut stone along the grain to make various shapes and sizes, and valuable pieces often are cut with a saw that has a diamond blade. Some masons specialize in setting marble, which, in many respects, is similar to setting large pieces of stone.

Veneer –thin stone commonly used for facing block foundations, shows mortar, available for most applications where block has already been laid. This type of stonework is one of the most common stone applications.

Building Stone- Thick stone, 6 inches and thicker, shows mortar. This stone application is used primarily in retaining walls, fireplaces, chimneys, columns, and exteriors of homes.

Dry Stack-All size stone cut to match, does not show mortar. A labor intensive process, dry stack is used in higher end projects. Perfect for Residential and Commercial applications. Dry Stack looks great on retaining walls, fireplaces, columns, exteriors of homes, chimneys, mailboxes, subdivision signs, and more.

Custom Dry Stack-A variation of the dry stack technique utilizing different sizes and types of stone. Unique patterns and a truly one of a kind appearance are trademarks of this style of stonework. Great for foundations, columns, fireplaces, mailboxes, gated entrances and more.

Patio/Walkway- Flat surfaces easy to walk on, ideal for transitions from driveway to front door or to a main entrance. Also, its a great application for entertaining areas.

As the work progresses, masons remove the wedges, fill the joints between stones, and use a pointed metal tool, called a tuck pointer, to smooth the mortar to an attractive finish.

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So you may be wondering what is so special about this rock used to build Stone Contractors. Flagstone is a classification of rock called sedimentary rocks. Wikipedia describes this type of rock as: Flagstones are a type of flat stones that is commonly used for laying down as a walkway or path. Our company is your most reliable landscaping & Design services in the area. With 9 years of experience in commercial and residential landscaping, we can help you create your dream landscape! We specialize in a broad range of landscaping techniques and we aim to bring your imagination to reality. We follow the philosophy that each landscape is unique and provide each client with a personalized plan to fit the landscape's specific needs. Our company is your number one source for professional service. We surpass the competition in not only price, but value as well. We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided. We make sure all of our customers are 100% completely satisfied with every aspect of their project. Allow us to design, implement, and maintain your dreamscape whether it be a backyard retreat, private sanctuary, or outdoor play area! All you need is just a little creativity. What is great with this is that you can have the turf and the plants grow between the natural flagstones, having a gorgeous path where it’s going to appear to be you’re strolling through the foliage without harming the plants. Whether you’re building a pool deck or making a walkway, laying flagstone would be a gorgeous yet good investment into your property.

Boundary wall built to client specification using large random stone. Reclaimed old millstones were used to create an unusual copping, these compliment the dimensions of the stonework within the wall.

Renovation Work to bring old properties back to their former glory
Design and Plan New Building Work
Stripping down and rebuilding to original
Accurate matching of materials to original
Interior stone flooring
Handcrafted Stone Fireplaces
Cobbled yards and traditional Patio areas
Hand cut and crafted stone on site
Interior and Exterior Design Service
All stone supplied to suit individual properties
Any size of job- no request is too small or to large

It’s uniqueness is what draws certain people to it as a building block rather than more traditional forms of material like bricks and concrete. The ease of using it without concrete is also a great benefit compared to working with other stones and bricks. The strength and the durability of the Stone Mason allow many homeowners to use Stone Mason for their home. The use of older Stone Mason is also a very durable deal to do for the home. For example the older Romans and Greek constructions still exist as they have Stone Mason on their walls. The use of Stone Mason makes the walls very attractive and beautiful.

For Building Stone Contractors The most common method to building a flagstone patio is to combine flagstone patio flagstone with cement or grout. This allows you to put down a layer of cement or grout and then in lay the pieces of flagstone so there are gaps in between the stones. This makes it easier so you don’t have to perfectly line up all the stones like a puzzle, which can be quite hard and expensive to do. However the Stone Mason is more costly as compare to other means and methods used for exterior walls. Still there are many home owners who prefer and like to use Stone Mason as it takes the expenses once and becomes secure for lifetime or longer period of time. Most people do opt for laying flagstone in its natural form since you find the stones in unique shapes and when installed in a certain area it can look quite amazing when it all comes together.

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