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Fireplace remodel it’s not something that can cost one a lot of money to do it, one can't easily do it without the help of a professional contractor.

Indoor Fireplaces Cost Remodel Reface Fireplaces can be built in different shapes and sizes. Brick-Tile-Stone

Different shapes and sizes Fireplaces can be built in different shapes and sizes. They can be of various types as well depending on the fuel source you use such as wood, gas or electric and then there are the traditional and stone types.

Hot Fireplaces New technology adds efficiency to fireplaces' romantic appeal

Fireplaces were never hotter. We love them for the romance and cheer they bring to our lives, and it is nice that they add at least 10% to the value of a house, but right now we are also thinking that they might bring some relief from cruel fuel prices. A comforting thought, but is it realistic?

The truth is that conventional fireplaces send more heat up the chimney than they provide to your home. But the good news is that exciting new technologies now add energy-efficiency to the romantic tradition of the hearth.

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New options

Fireplace inserts, gas logs, freestanding stoves, masonry heaters and new fuels are just a few of the dozens of options that make a fire in the grate more affordable, convenient and efficient as well as safer and environmentally friendly.

Yet, purists needn't fear that the wonderful looks of their hearths will be compromised. The shifting shapes and colors of the fire will be as fascinating as ever, and the instant solace the fireplace offers after cold commutes and shopping trips will remain unabated.

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Fireplace inserts

For example, fireplace inserts, which the U.S. Department of Energy applauds for superior energy efficiency, have left their drab appliance look far behind. Today, they are great looking and come in a wide variety of styles, from traditional to contemporary. Designers and homeowners alike sing their praises.

"Many inserts include such aesthetic features as decorative tile, cast iron or enameled fronts, glass bays and brass trim. "They won't embarrass even the most elegant rooms."

A fan of inserts during a severe winter a couple of years ago. "We were hit by a power outage at a time of plummeting temperatures," she recalls. "With our heating system out of commission, we kept our wood-burning fireplace going, and thanks to the insert we were able to keep the entire first floor toasty and the second floor warm enough to keep pipes from freezing and bursting."

Fireplace inserts are heating units that fit into existing fireplaces and can burn wood, gas or wood pellets. They can generate more than 70,000 BTUs per hour and can warm up to 1900 sq. ft. of space.

Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders. Builders.

Some models extend onto the hearth while others stay flush with the front of the fireplace. Most have tight-fitting glass or metal doors and built-in circulation features. The most efficient models supply combustion air from outside the house, and virtually all inserts are controlled-draft units with manually or thermostatically controlled air inlets. Some units are also available with catalytic converters for improved efficiency.

Glass doors, heat exchangers, dampers and flue sealers can also up the energy efficiency of an existing fireplace, but don't expect too much. According to the Department of Energy, those devices combined could only improve efficiency by some 10%.

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If you want a whole new fireplace, you can take energy efficiency as well as great-looking design to the max. For example, stone fireplaces that have heated Swedish and Finnish manor houses for centuries are gaining ground in the U.S., and it is easy to understand why. They are stunning, but they are also very efficient. Since they are freestanding, they cast heat all around them, not just in one place, and the stone surfaces store up heat and release it over as many hours as needed. Expect to shell out big bucks for these beauties.

Builders. Builders. Builders.

Another interesting option is the new fireplaces that don't require masonry chimneys, for they can be installed easily and safely in most any room. They are simply vented through an outside wall, and they are available as wall units, islands, peninsulas and two-sided models that let you enjoy the fire from adjoining rooms. They may burn wood, gas or propane.

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Builders. Builders.

There is no question that fireplaces are terrific and getting better all the time, but your mom was right on the money when she warned you not to play with fire. Safety is all-important, so before changing a fireplace or adding a new one, consult an architect or fireplace specialist. Also check local codes with your town's building department.

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A home’s fireplace, whether working or not, makes a beautiful and dramatic focal point of a room. But when the fireplace is ugly, dated, and in disrepair it will pull your room down. The good news is that fireplace remodeling can be done and the results will not only give you the room you want but also increase your home’s value. Whether you’re going to do the remodeling yourself or just want to be hands-on picking the design elements, homes or a contemporary design in newer homes. The wood is available in cherry, maple, poplar, maple and oak. You can easily paint or stain poplar wood to match or contrast with your walls.

The mantel shelf consists of a shelf made of carved wood or veneer for a more modern home. These materials are more expensive than wood but are made to last for the lifetime of the home and beyond.
Fireplace surrounds are deliberately planned to be the focal point in a room. Your fireplace area may have been perfect in color and style when your home was first built, but you’d like to replace it now to suit your taste and décor. There are several types of surrounds to choose from, which can cause more confusion than having just a few choices. :
One can hire a customized contractor who knows basically what needs to be done and he may want to decide to use marble stones just do add more value to the fireplace and make the surroundings look more expensive. The contractor can also decide on how he can improve the surroundings by adding wall scones on each side on your fireplace. And this will create a very good and romantic atmosphere in the living room or the den.

Fireplace remodeling may cost roughly $150 that is when doing it without involving a contractor and when doing it alone it so cheap. Remodeling of fireplaces one does not need to update the whole fireplace, because you will change it again with time, each and every time a new designs comes so it is advisable to change only some few parts like the mantel and one can only paint the fireplace.

Mantels and fireplaces still serve as a focal point in a room. Many people buy a new home because of the fireplace, but never use it to light a fire. Here is where beautiful art and other favorite objects and family pictures are displayed for all to see and enjoy.

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