Professionally Run Company

Thank you for considering our company for your landscaping or Build project.

When choosing Designer Properties you are choosing the best of all Contractor worlds. A strong employee base that promotes and pursues continuing education in an effort to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

This unique approach allows us to provide our clients with only the finest in landscape and building materials, installed at levels that far exceed industry standards.

We feel certain that we can fulfill your needs, considering our many qualifications including an excellent reputation, an award winning portfolio and years of experience in the trade. .

Allow Designer Properties. to provide you with the Design of your dreams. And please remember, first and foremost, Build with Confidence!!

Initial Phone Call

When you first contact us we will speak with you at some length about specific details on your project; your expectations for the project, any special needs, and gather all of your contact information. If possible, we'll then give you an approximate or "ballpark" price range over the phone for you to compare to what you intend to invest in your project. Then, if you decide that Designer Properties may be the right contractor for your project, we will schedule a home visit.

Home Visit

During the home visit, we will assess the feasibility of your project, take necessary measurements and photos, discuss project budgets and explain in further detail how we can best serve you. This visit is an opportunity to get fully acquainted with you and your project. A follow-up phone call will be placed after the home visit addressing any questions or concerns that may need re-evaluating after the fact.


Once we have all your project information, we will prepare a project scope with estimated costs of your project with all the areas we have discussed included. We will submit your proposal by either fax or email.


Once you have decided that you want Designer Properties to be your contractor, we present a Letter of Intent to be signed, request for a partially refundable construction retainer so that we can begin the construction documents and place your project on the construction schedule. The retainer will be applied toward the total construction costs for your project.


We make periodic visits to your project to insure all contracted areas are being completed as promised. Throughout the construction process, we believe that there must be clear communication between you and our company. If at any time you have a question or concern, you will be able to easily get in touch with us and receive an answer quickly.

Post Construction

Once the construction has been completed, we schedule a project walk through with you, explain the function of certain products, if necessary, and go over your warranty.

How We Handle Change Order Concerns

A major concern for most people who remodel, is that they are going to get "stuck" with a lot of extra's and overages at the end of the project. Since every project is custom in its own way, Designer Properties prices each project independently. This takes a little more time, but it is the only way to insure accuracy so the client isn't paying for something they aren't getting. Designer Properties strives to ensure there are no surprises at the end of the project for our clients. When there is something that the client wants that isn't included in the project estimate, we will put together a Change Order showing the cost of the change before proceeding with the Change Order, so our clients know where they stand at all times.

However, with this not being a perfect world, there are times that conditions do arise which need addressing. When this happens, the Project Manager will schedule a meeting with you to go over the condition. At that time we will, if possible, offer several options for correcting the condition. Once you let us know how you would like to proceed, we will take care of the issue immediately.

?$$$$$$$ You're Company May Be out Of My Budget $$$$$$$?

Like any custom job, the cost of them can vary enormously. We have put together Decks for less than $5,000 and we have charged thousands for Master Plans it all depends on what you need. If you have a fixed budget or want to work to a particular job-design, we need to agree in our first sales meeting what the the budget will be. and how the materials will be provided. we don't want to waste time talking about a $50,000 job when you want to spend $10,000. This gives us no advantage except the ability to work with in the proposed budget. The most difficult aspect of working to a job-budget is the need to stick to what was agreed. If you have a brilliant idea after the job has been agreed and the job has started, you may have to accept that you can't just implement your new idea unless we can review your budget. Sometimes, especially on larger projects, we will make changes or add features within the original budget, but generally a fixed price means a fixed design. This is where our experience really counts - we see it as our job to make sure that we cover every possible good idea in advance, at the planning stage. Once the schedule and budget is agreed, it should not need to change.

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