This is a very extensive and informative website to inform you our potential clients of what we can design build for you, Designer Properties is all about you and your family. We have over 25 years experience in the construction business. We believe in honesty, integrity, and being up front with you about your project.

Worry-free From Start to Finish......And Beyond.

In addition, we constantly update our knowledge of design and construction elements by attending trade and professional conferences around the country, allowing us to implement the most recent advances in construction. We have the capability to meet all residential, commercial and multi-family needs compliant with all OSHA regulations and rules. We have learned how to translate customers' wishes into cohesive, workable designs, and our detailed knowledge of various trades enables us to create installations that combine vision and durability.



If you're planning to fix, change, upgrade or add on this year, it could be worth it to start now. We are always happy to help clients decide which projects they want to take on, so please get in touch with your questions about making improvements to your home that fit within your budget.


We do what we say we'll do, period. We strive never to over commit and under deliver. Over 90% of our new business comes from referrals. Don't invest one cent of your hard earned money on your project until you see the solutions we have here for you! All we ask is just 10 - 20 minute's of your time, and see What we can Design/Build for you.

Free Consultation. Call Designer Properties Now for an Appointment! or Use our online Request Form....Whatever Your Home Needs, 24x7 TOLL FREE 1-877-879-0989

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