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Residential Home Pools Fencing & Swimming Pool Fence Repairs Aluminum, Wrought Iron, PVC Vinyl, Chain Link Swimming pool fencing is an important aspect of many backyard and public pools. Not only does the fencing help prevent accidents, but it also keeps out unwanted visitors, such as off-leash dogs. Pool fencing also plays a large role in the aesthetic appeal of a pool area, and you should consider it as both a safety and security.

Aluminum Pool Fencing Aluminum fencing is very simple, reliable and durable, especially when coated with the polyester powder coating that prevents the fence from rusting and corroding. Aluminum fencing is a safe, affordable and simple-to-maintain pool fencing option.

Wrought Iron Pool Fencing Although wrought iron fencing is not as common an option as aluminum fencing for swimming pools, it can still make a nice pool fence. Wrought iron fencing also often rusts in a wet pool environment, and since the fencing is permanently installed, it is difficult to replace the rusty fence.

PVC Vinyl Pool Fencing PVC vinyl fencing is a maintenance-free fencing option that doesn't corrode or rust like other fencing options. Because of these attributes, PVC vinyl fencing is a favorite fence for swimming pools. PVC vinyl fencing is also highly customizable and comes in different styles and designs to match the pool setting. PVC vinyl fencing is also a nice option because it adds a level of privacy to your property and the pool, which is perfect for those times when you just want to relax and take a quick swim without any outside interference.

Chain Link Pool Fencing Chain link fencing comes in galvanized and black-coated finishes that are both durable and water resistant. Chain link fences are the most economical pool fencing option and are both sturdy and safe; however, chain link fences are not as aesthetically appealing as other pool fencing options.

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