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Garage Types

Shed and Single Garage At the smaller end of the range this garage is suitable for most small and mid sized family cars. It is always wise to measure your vehicle before a final decision is made to ensure you have the space you need. If you require extra length for workspace or a longer vehicle then consider the length options.

Wide Single Garage Where that extra space at the side of your vehicle is required to allow wider vehicle door opening, or simply to park those bicycles etc, then our ‘Wide Single’ might well give you the extra space you need.

Double Garage A conventional double garage with the additional flexibility of offering two single doors or a choice of wider ‘double‘ doors which are often advantageous if you want easy access around your vehicle for maintenance purposes etc.

Triple Garage Where the need exists for multiple vehicle storage or where extra space is required for undertaking craft or hobby, our Triple Garage offers huge storage space at a very affordable price. Door options give a further level of flexibility to ensure you can your building with your needs.

We all have different life styles and budgets and Designer Properties tries hard to match those frequently conflicting demands by offering a range of solutions to match pocket, need and space availability. Don’t forget that at every stage our staff are happy to receive a call from you to assist or provide a price for a specific size or specification you don’t see on the website.

New Custom Garage With Shed Storage


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