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San Diego CA wallpaper removal/ Retexturing: Faux Finishes: San Diego CA Mildew-Removing-Cleaning Proof Coatings Specialty Coatings: Kitchen-Bath Cabinets Refinishing-Installers: house inside outside colors, Color Consulting. San Diego CA Interior home painting can be done effectively year-round, no matter the weather outdoors. We select premium paint for all jobs; however we are always willing to discuss your preferred brands. We will also consult on the most appropriate finish for a room’s walls and trim.

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Exterior House Painters

Painting the exterior of your house can be a daunting task! You really have two options; do it yourself, or contract professional painters to undertake the project for you. Because of the sheer size of painting the exterior of your house, we have geared up especially for the job. Every time we paint a wall, whether it's by spray or other means, we will always finish that area before the edges dry. This avoids the unsightly checker board effect you may have seen when paint gets older. If your exterior is pebbledash, roughcast, tyrolean or any other rendered surface, we are able to cover that quickly and easily with a large range of equipment we have at our disposal. Exterior House Painters
We use many different methods of application, all dependant on the surface requiring painting, including spraying (we will advise of this on quotation). We specialize in exterior house painting, we don't hang wallpaper and we don't gloss windows or doors. But we can cover almost any surface quickly with minimal disruption and above all else, a first class finish! We only use high quality exterior paints and we highly recommend Dulux, Crown and Johnstones exterior paints. Be aware of expensive coatings as we are usually 1/10 of the price yet we use similar methods in painting your house.

Before painting bathroom walls it is best to choose the right kind of paint. Not all paints will work well in a bathroom due to the water and steam created by people taking showers or baths. The best paint to use is interior paint. Do not use paint that is for exterior painting or for other rooms of the house or apartment. Using the wrong paint in the bathroom can cause peeling of the paint from the ceiling and walls.

Before painting make sure that all the walls have been prepared properly, the taping is done and that you have all of the painting supplies that you need to do a good job. Once this is done the next thing to do is to pick out a color. Ask yourself what it is you want from your bathroom, do you want to get energized, or relaxed? A blue color is relaxing and a red color is energizing, mix them up together and get purple so you can be energized and relaxed at the same time. Get a Long Island House Painting Estimate. Paint and color can make a difference in your kitchen. You need to choose the correct paint, and you to pull these all together. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and home is where the heart is. We feed our bodies, we connect with family and friends, and we entertain, so you need to add color to this room.

You need to paint your kitchen, and you need to look at all your colors in your home. The kitchen is no exception, and every room should have a focal point. You should select a color and a brighter color would work. You should consider painting the cabinets, and this will give you a chance to be creative. You can stencil your kitchen and that will give you a chance for it to great look. Wall decals are easy, and this is a great way to get you started. You just need to peel and stick them, but if you choose to remove them, this is an easy job. Have fun with it and build your design style. There are many subdivisions where all the houses are painted the same color, the yards look alike and everybody has the same two car garage in the whole subdivision. When painting the exterior of your home you want it to express to others how you feel about your property and not be like everyone else.

There are so many different types of colors to choose for the exterior of a home so when people pass by they will point and wave and make positive comments about your home. Choosing a neutral color such as brown, tan, cream, or white is a good option because any flowers or trees can bring in different colors. Painting the exterior of a house blue can bring about a relaxed atmosphere which calms visitors down when they come to visit.

Painting the exterior of a house.

Get 'Primed' and Ready for the Perfect Paint Job
- Many homeowners neglect to use a primer when painting around the home. They might apply two or more coats of paint in the mistaken belief this is the best way to ensure a proper finish. Professional painters know that multiple coats of expensive paint can do more harm than good.
"Primer and paint are not the same," said Mike Walsh, vice president of marketing and new product development for Masterchem Industries, makers of Kilz brand products. "Primer is specifically formulated to seal unfinished or finished surfaces and make sure the top coat of paint adheres to the surface to create the best-looking, longest-lasting finish. You're wasting your time paint, and of course, money if that expensive top coat begins peeling or soaks unevenly into the surface because you didn't use a primer."

Many household surfaces are either too porous or too slick to allow paint to properly adhere. Porous surfaces like wood, drywall and masonry soak up paint unevenly and require multiple coats to achieve the desired look. Slick surfaces such as glass brick and ceramic tile, and even previously painted glossy surfaces such as cabinets and furniture, do not allow paint to adhere properly, causing the paint to flake off these surfaces in a short period of time.

While the main purpose of primer is to help paint adhesion, primers serve many other functions, including:

Stain blocking: Prevent graffiti, rust, smoke, water, crayon, ink, marker and grease stains from bleeding through the paint by using a primer such as Kilz Original or Kilz Premium. In fact, the original formula is so effective as a water and smoke-stain blocker that it is recommended and used by companies specializing in fire restoration. Kilz Upshot primer is also available in aerosol cans to touch-up water-damaged ceilings and ceiling tiles. It is tinted to match the color of aged ceiling tile.

Masking odors: Pet odors can seep can seep into walls, baseboards and floors, leaving a lingering odor. Kilz Original primer can be used as a sealant, blocking pet odors as well as odors caused from cigarette or cigar smoke.

Mildew stain protection: Bathrooms, basements and other moisture-prone areas can be sources for mildew growth. Kilz Premium contains a mildew suppressant to help prevent mold and mildew growth on the surface of the primer.

Wallpaper application: Walls painted with latex paint are not compatible with many wall-covering adhesives. To ensure proper adhesion, always use a primer.

Primers are available in several formulas, including both oil and water-based for interior or exterior applications under various conditions. Odorless formulas for interior use also are available.

If you are looking for one primer to use on a variety of applications, Kilz Premium is a quick-dry primer that can be used on inside and outside applications. Low odor and easy soap-and-water cleanup make it an environmentally friendly choice. It can also be tinted for better topcoat color match.