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Traditional Mortared Stone Walls

Mortared stone walls evolved out of dry-stack stone work with the emergence of cement mortars. The first cements were made of burnt gypsum or lime mixed with water to make a paste with slight bonding capability. Stone walls still had to be built as carefully as they were without mortar. The cement paste just filled the gaps between the stones and cured to form a soft, rock-like substance.

A retaining wall is a structure that holds back earth. Retaining walls stabilize soil and rock from down slope movement or erosion and provide support for vertical or near-vertical grade changes. Hardscape Design Lake Retaining Walls


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I Need Find Best Local Repair/Replace Retaining Walls Erosion Control Retainer Install Build Landscape Company Cost Retainer walls are generally used when there is a sloped area that is not usable. Stone Brick Concrete or Timber retainer walls

Local Retaining Wall Repair Contractors FREE Quote ➨ Local Retaining Wall Repairs Local Erosion Control Repair Contractors Cost Keystone Allan Block Concrete Stone Brick Block Timber