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Repairing faulty equipment in your bathroom is going to benefit everyone no matter how big or small your bathroom is. It will also increase the value of your home if everything is seen to be in good working order. If this is the only thing that you intend to do to your bathroom then take action and do it. You will be rewarded for it. No other room in the house can make the same difference to your life that your bathroom can. Done properly, your small bathroom can make you feel like a celebrity and we all know how they like to deck out their bathrooms.

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~Finished Bathroom Remodels and Ideas~

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Memberships with Associations There are several associations and professional bureaus for contractors like the NAHB which is an association for home builders and the Better Business Bureau. If the contractor is a member of any such professional associations, it would show that he takes the job seriously. Through these associations you would also come to know if any clients have filed complaints against him in the past. With the right contractor, your bathroom remodel project would be finished on schedule and would be done in a professional manner and hence it is important to choose a contractor wisely.

 ~Before and After Bathroom Remodel~

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A Typical full bathroom usually requires 36 to 40 square feet. Guest bathroom dimensions is about 5'8\" including a master bathroom in a smaller house. Popular Bathroom Categories Not doing a full remodel? Choose your project below to get started and get 3 free quotes within minutes! Bathroom Flooring Changing Floor Plan Bathroom Sinks Bathroom Cabinets Bathroom Vanity Bathroom Countertops Bathroom Toilet Shower and Bathtub Bathroom Ceiling Shower Remodel Projects Bathroom Remodeling Checklist Remodeling companies and contractors will ask you specifically about the major components of a typical bathroom remodel. There are many ways to spruce up a bathroom. It's the only Budget room in your house that your guests will ask directions to. If your bathroom is the one room in your home that all your guests are going to see and use then it makes a lot of sense to make it a very important part of your home improvement strategy. Surprisingly many people don't give their bathroom the attention that it deserves when they make improvements. From small touch-ups to a full-blown bathroom renovation, keeping your bathroom updated and stylish is a great way to maintain value in your home, and make sure that you are able to get the most out of selling it. Changing Floor Plan Changing the floor plan of your bathroom is one of the most dramatic ways to create a new design, as well as, make your bathroom more functional. When preparing the designs for your bathroom, it is important to consult your professional bathroom remodeling contractor to gain a realistic idea of how to lay the room out. Typically, your contractor will be able to provide ideas and insight or alternative perspectives on the best possible floor plan for your bathroom. They will also assist you in avoiding common faux pas or design errors that are typical among those that have never designed a floor plan. A change in your bathroom's floor plan may be just what you need to optimize the functionality of the room while getting a fresh look and feel. Bathroom Ceiling One of the most commonly over looked components in the design of a bathroom, is the ceiling. Repairing faulty equipment in your bathroom is going to benefit everyone no matter how big or small your bathroom is. It will also increase the value of your home if everything is seen to be in good working order. If this is the only thing that you intend to do to your bathroom then take action and do it. You will be rewarded for it Your bathroom ceiling provides a unique Budget opportunity to create a dramatic look, that can be fairly inexpensive. There are plenty of materials out there such as tin tiling, that will not only be ideal for the moisture in a bathroom, but will provide a huge impact without being overpowering. Installing a unique ceiling in your bathroom is also one of the most inexpensive ways to increase the design value of the space without spending a lot of money. Updating Bathroom Sinks Sinks: If you are looking for a small way to make a big difference in your bathroom, then updating your bathroom is one of the best things that you can do. All that you will need to do in order to update your bathroom sink, is to select a style that will complement the rest of the room, as well as your house, and hire a professional bathroom remodeling contractor to handle the project for you. Your contractor will also be able to advise you on styles of sink if you are struggling to decide on what you want, and what will work best for you Bathroom Vanity Vanity: From lighting to the style of the sink, and size, a Budget bathroom vanity is perhaps your largest opportunity to create a custom look and feel for your bathroom. Depending on whether you are remodeling a small powder room, or doing a complete overhaul in your master bath, you will need to select a vanity that not only manages style of room, but provides the appropriate amount of functionality. For example, if you have a craftsman style house, you will want to select something like a clean wind shaker style vanity.These services cost significantly more than doing the job yourself, so do whatever work you can. You may want to do your own painting, lay your tile, or decorate the new bathroom yourself. The extra work you do will let you be creative and have fun while saving money. The costs of supplies add up. A typical sink costs between Budget $60 and $100, but higher-end sinks cost hundreds of dollars. Vinyl flooring is the cheapest, starting at around $3 a foot. Ceramic tile is usually triple the price of vinyl. Basic bathtubs cost a few hundred dollars, and whirlpool tubs thousands. Showers cost between $300 and $2,000. Traditional toilets cost under $200, but smaller or fancier toilets can cost up to $1,500. Be sure to also select a mirror and style of lighting that helps to enhance the design of your vanity rather than detract from it. Bathroom Countertops Countertops: The vanity in your bathroom in many ways serves as the centerpiece of the room. Not only is it a very functional portion of your bathroom, it is a major part of your overall bathroom design and contributes a lot to the look and feel of the room. The counter top that you select for a custom bathroom vanity or a pre-furbished one, should not only compliment the vanity, it should be practical. From glass to granite, there is no shortage of options when it comes to a bathroom counter top. However, beware that some, like glass, are going to be more delicate and show signs of wear and tear and messes much easier than something like granite. Consult with your bathroom remodeling contractor for advice on the best option to suit your bathroom and your lifestyle. Toilet Changing Toilet: Changing your bathroom toilet Budget may seem like a project that is as simple as a quick.

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